8 Unbelievable Political Metaphors Of 2016

8 Unbelievable Political Metaphors Of 2016


A tree made famous by one of the Founding Fathers is dead

Some see it as a metaphor for the end of democracy — a New Jersey white oak that George Washington and Revolutionary War financier Marquis de Lafayette are rumored to have picnicked beneath is dead and has officially been declared unsaveable.

The 600-year-old tree has rotted to the point of no return and will come down in early 2017. Its caretakers blame one of the hottest Augusts on record for doing the tree in. Brown leaves were spotted on its branches at the end of the summer, and it seems that the old tree just wasn’t able to withstand the “intense heat.” (Source)

Bald eagles stuck in a storm drain are seen as a metaphor for the U.S. presidential election

A female bald eagle that got stuck in an Orlando, Florida storm drain in early November 2016 has died from internal injuries.

The bird was trapped after losing a territorial fight with a male. After 30 minutes, the male escaped, but the female fell deeper into the storm drain. The Audubon Center for Birds of Prey rescued it, but it died while in their care.

Images of the trapped birds went viral after Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election. Of the event, one Twitter user wrote: “Right now there is a bald eagle stuck in a sewer drain, and I feel like it’s the perfect metaphor for a Trump presidency.” Another user, @OhHeySammie, also tweeted, “There is currently a bald eagle stuck in a storm drain in Florida. If that’s not a metaphor for the United States right now, IDK what is.” (Source)

A deteriorating presidential yacht that is now teeming with raccoons

In yet another metaphor for the state of the nation, the SS Sequoia, a National Historic Landmark, is deteriorating and inhabited by raccoons.

In 1931, the Sequoia was used as booze-busting ship during Prohibition. Herbert Hoover also liked to requisition it from time to time, and it soon became the president’s official yacht. Roosevelt entertained the prime minister of Great Britain here, and it was used by presidents for four decades until Jimmy Carter sold it for $286,000 in the late ’70s. It bounced from owner to owner, before finding a home in 2000 with businessman Gary Silversmith, who restored it and rented it out for cruises. However, the boat became the subject of litigation between Silversmith and an investment group named FE Partners, from which the legal entity which technically owns the yacht borrowed a bunch of money. Since then, it has fallen into disrepair and is now populated by the furry pests. (Source)



A backhanded compliment becomes a metaphor

It was a compliment — we think. In a not-so-flattering tweet before the U.S. presidential election, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee explained why he voted for Donald Trump, by calling GOP nominee Donald Trump a “car wreck.”

The one-time Republican presidential contender’s tweet was met with criticism on social media. One follower wrote, “Haul it to the junkyard. That’s it. By definition, it’s a wreck. And you’re right: there’s no fixing your candidate.” But other followers agreed with him: “Gov. Excellent Metaphor!!! Trump ain’t perfect, but who among us is perfect? At least he’s not facing indictment!!!”

Huckabee responded to the criticism with a follow-up tweet aimed at the media, writing, “Low IQ media don’t get my earlier tweet about car wreck. @realdonaldTrump will bend fenders but is a vehicle going right way.” (Source)

A movie metaphor that doesn’t quite work
A movie metaphor that doesn't quite work

Huckabee strikes again! During the contentious 2016 U.S. presidential election, the former governor appeared on Fox News Tuesday and launched into an elaborate explanation as to how the film Jaws holds the key to understanding why Trump deserved to be our president.

He compared the Republican nominee’s language to that of Robert Shaw’s “vulgar, salty,” foul-mouthed fisherman Quint, and that Quint and Trump are the kind of men we need to save the world from sharks. (Hillary Clinton, of course, being the shark.) Megyn Kelly, however, proved to be a Jaws expert and quickly fact-checked him. “Now governor, I hate to be the one to tell you this. But Captain Quint got eaten by the shark.” Huckabee laughed along and said instead that Quint died while killing the shark, thus saving all of us.

Quint, however, did not kill the shark and who would know better than Jaws star Richard Dreyfuss, who tweeted:



For the record, it’s Roy Scheider’s Brody who finally takes out the shark. (Source)

A boy battling a garbage can has become an apt metaphor for 2016

One brave young boy is happy to face any task he is given, and taking out the garbage on a windy day is no mean feat. The trash can and its lid seem to have other ideas, however, and the video is seen as a bit of symbol for a less than stellar year.(Source)

A candy’s redesign is emblematic of Brexit

Toberlone, the popular nougat-and-chocolate bar, invented in Switzerland but now owned by the U.S.-based Mondelez International, became internationally famous because of its distinctive triangular shape. But that very shape is now the subject of controversy in the U.K. where a recent announcement that some versions of the chocolate bar would feature larger spaces between the triangles. Why? Many believe Brexit is to blame.

Mondelez insists Brexit had nothing to do with it and said the changes were made to save costs by reducing the weight of each bar. Widening the gap between the segments has meant that a 400-gram bar now weighs 360 grams, and a 170-gram bar now weighs 150 grams. The company blames rising ingredient prices for the change and says it was necessary to keep the bar’s shape. Although that may be the case, that doesn’t stop it from looking like a perfect metaphor. Less is not more in this instance, folks. (Source | Photo)

Vice President-elect Pence’s plane skids off an airport runway

Mike Pence’s Boeing 737 slid off the runway during a difficult landing in October 2016, causing no injuries but certainly worrying plenty of people. Of course, Twitterers made the connection:

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