8 Weirdest Video Game Characters Ever

8 Weirdest Video Game Characters Ever


Video games are just awesome. It’s one of the best ways in which we can immerse ourselves into alternate realities and bond with stories, characters, and worlds.

Some video games actually have some of the best stories out there that are much better than the ones told through movies. Video games also have a very rich history of creating complex, inspiring and downright amazing characters. It’s pretty insane to see such a flexible medium that can potentially create so many wonderful experiences for people all over the world.

Some games like Super Mario Bros, Contra and Zelda have defined an entire generation of people. There is flip side to all of this too and let’s take a look at them.

Here are some of the weirdest characters ever made in video games.

Joe Head Joe – The Eye Rolling, Burping head named Joe

If you haven’t played Skullmonkeys, then you really are missing something great in your life. Apart from the extremely weird, gory and ridiculous visuals, the game goes a level higher by having one of the weirdest characters in video game history.

Joe Head Joe is a villain character in Skullmonkeys who is literally a head placed on two feet and has two arms growing out from the sides of his head. He is big, dangerous and can perform burb attacks to destroy you. Aside from all that, what really makes this character so weirdly unique is the fact that he rolls his eyes like a Boss! When he does so, his eyeballs pop out and come rolling down. If you don’t dodge them at once, then it’s pretty much game over for you.

The Bride – The most unexpected boss character of all time

Ms. Splosion Man is another game that should be on your video game bucket list because honestly it is one of the most hilarious games ever made. In the game, you have to “splode” through the different levels and defeat enemy characters, dodge traps and even solve puzzles. But at the very end, what you will experience might possibly change your entire life.

The end boss is about to be revealed and tension starts flaring. The suspense slowly gets to you and voila! A big breasted bride pops out of nowhere and slaps you to kingdom come. But wait! There’s more. When you get into further stages of the boss fight, you realize that she is actually a gigantic creature and her breasts are actually the creature’s eyes.

God bless video games!



Faust – The physician with a paper bag and a giant scalpel

Faust is a character in the “Guilty Gear” series created by Arc System Works. The different installments of the game have been praised by reviewers for their stunning graphics, soundtrack and mostly for its characters. Surprisingly, the game also has one of the weirdest characters in video game history named Faust. In previous games, he was called “Dr.Baldhead” which on its own signals its strangeness.

In the game, he is shown as a 9-foot tall madman who uses a giant scalpel as big as him and wears a paper bag over his head. His attack strategy is to run across the ground similar to how cockroaches move and toss various items like hammers, toy robots, and even oil drums. He also uses his giant scalpel as a pogo stick to jump up and down. What makes this extremely weird is the fact that despite all the quirky things mentioned above, he is actually one of the nicest characters in the game. The contrast makes him spectacularly weird.

Vega – The ninja from Spain???

Yes you read it right. He is a Spanish ninja in the highly popular game, “Street Fighters.” Don’t get me wrong, Vega is undeniably cool. He is an awesome character but there are so many strange inconsistencies that you can’t help but put him in this list.

Firstly, in Japan, he is named Balrog and in the competitive gaming community, he is called Claw but his American name is Vega. He started off as an unplayable boss character but as time passed, he became a playable and beloved character. His mother was married unhappily to a piece of garbage that disrespected her at all times.

One day, he killed her believing that she didn’t respect him. Her death influenced Vega to become a vigilante of sorts. But here’s the kicker. Out of all this, what he learned was that ugly people are bad and must die. Tada! That’s Vega, ladies and gentlemen.

Plus he’s a narcissist who takes part in fights that can easily damage his face.



Phoenix Wright – The weakest most terrible fighter/lawyer in video game history

Where o’ where would we be without the magnificent Phoenix Wright? He is the hot blooded lawyer from the “Ace Attorney” series in which he is a defence attorney who investigates cases like Sherlock Holmes to help his clients. He appeared as a side character in the first few games but ended up being the protagonist for the 5th and 6th titles. However, where it got bizarre was the Marvel vs Capcom game.

Out of all the characters, they chose Phoenix Wright to be included as a fighting character which was absurd. In the game, they actually show weird oddities that further reinforce his nonexistent fighting skills such as throwing knives weirdly and even a sneeze attack move.

Another attack of his involves his finger and they are called, “Objection!” and “Take That!” Sigh!

God Hand and the Mad Midget Five – A power rangers parody

Power Rangers certainly has its passionate audience, however, it’s a series that people grow out of pretty quickly. Their silly action poses before and after fights can honestly lead to some serious cringe.

So what would happen if you take the most cringe-worthy parts of power rangers and amp it by a hundred levels? You get the mad midget five. These quirky characters are a mini-boss in the highly entertaining God Hand game. Not only do they make a hilarious parody of power rangers but they make it extra entertaining by really exaggerating the former’s flaws.

Add to that their incredibly squeaky voices and you get some of the weirdest characters in video game history.

Dr. Letz Shake – The silliest brain in video games

You know you are in for a fun ride when the villain is named Dr. Letz Shake and that is precisely what you get in the No More Heroes 2 game.

In the first installment he is one of the boss characters you fight but he gets defeated quite easily. In the second installment, he returns as a brain placed inside a machine called the earthquake Maker. What makes this character extremely bizarre is not just that he is a talking brain but he makes it a point to say punctuations out loud. He literally says “Question mark” after asking a question which is just…..sigh!

However, when you beat him, you get to stab his brain and make him explode….again.

Roger the Kangaroo – The weirdest character in Tekken

Oh Tekken. There was a time when it was one of the most anticipated games of all time. People would wait with bated breath for new installments to come but all that is lost now. One of the reasons was the introduction of bizarre characters like Roger.

He was introduced in Tekken 2 as a playable character where Kazuya Mishima recruited a doctor to create genetically engineered creatures and voila! Out of all the possible fascinating creatures they could have made, they went with a fighting kangaroo. His fighting style involves fast strikes and wrestling moves.

This is not to say that Roger isn’t a popular character. He is just plain weird. They might as well have gone with a witty tree frog character.

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