8 Worst Sons Of Anarchy Casting Decisions

8 Worst Sons Of Anarchy Casting Decisions

A show that chose not to pull punches a lot of the time, despite getting pretty extreme on occasion, Sons of Anarchy created a unique bond with its fans. In fact, to this day people care enough about the show that there is a huge amount of anticipation for its upcoming spin-off, Mayans MC.

Obviously dependent in large part on compelling storylines, a huge portion of the reason why people grew to love SOA is the affection they felt for the show’s characters. In order for viewers to invest in the characters seen in any ongoing series, they need a combination of good writing and fantastic performances.

Absolutely pivotal to a series’ success, the casting process can be an arduous one but that effort is absolutely worth it. Fortunately, there is no doubt that those in charge of casting the show Sons of Anarchy got a lot of things right. For instance, actors like Katey Sagal, Ron Perlman, and Charlie Hunnam were all perfect for their roles. Unfortunately, no matter how good a casting department is, they are bound to make a mistake or two – or in this case, eight

8. Kim Dickens – Colette Jane


Introduced in the premiere episode of Sons of Anarchy’s sixth season, at first it seemed like Colette Jane may be in for some really big things. The owner of an escort agency and fiercely proud of it, if you made the mistake of disrespecting her profession, her employees, or her, there was no doubt that she would push back.

However, despite he kind of set up any new character could hope for, in short order it became abundantly clear that Jane was yet another character that was going to come between Jax and Tara.

An actor that can best be described as being formidable, casting Kim Dickens to play Colette Jane is the equivalent of hiring Usain Bolt to walk around a track.

Sure, they are fully capable of the task you’ve given them but the audience will always be left waiting for them to let loose and perform to the level they have on so many other occasions. For that reason, the casting department set the audience of their show up for disappointment every time Dickens appeared on the screen.

7. Ryder & Evan Londo – Abel Teller


The main motivation for all of Jax Teller’s efforts to push SAMCRO toward legitimate business, his two sons inspired him to try his best to end up on the straight and narrow.

After all, he knew all too well how sons can follow in their father’s footsteps and his greatest fear was his children ending up in a world of violence and death like his. Considering just how important Jax’s kids were to the principal Sons of Anarchy storyline, it would have been a real boon to the series if viewers invested in them as characters.

Barely ever receiving lines to speak and mostly seen for only a few seconds in an episode, the children that were cast as Abel Teller had to communicate a lot with only a look. Yet someone made the decision to cast Ryder and Evan Londo in the role, two kids that judging from what we’ve seen in Sons of Anarchy have a virtually expressionless look on their faces at all times.

So horribly mismatched for their role that it felt like they must have been chosen at random, aside from vaguely looking like their onscreen father they were the opposite of what their part called for.

6. Zoe Boyle – Trinity Ashby


Sometimes a show introduces a new character and it seems obvious that they were meant to play an important role in at least one storyline. However, for whatever reason, they never seem to rise to the occasion.

The perfect example of that for Sons of Anarchy, aside from the reveal that she is the half-sister of Jax Teller, Trinity Ashby’s character never seemed to go anywhere or make sense. Clearly born into the world of the MC culture, she still seemed to bristle at the culture and rebelled like the teenaged daughter of a suburban family.

Portrayed by Zoe Boyle, to say that she did not fit the role is a gigantic understatement. Lacking any kind of onscreen chemistry with Charlie Hunnam, the actor with whom she shared her most pivotal scenes, many of their interactions felt downright cringe-worthy. In fact, it is hard to decide which she was worse at, feigning a romantic relationship with Jax or awkwardly interacting with her new half-brother.

5. Chuck Zito – Frankie Diamonds


The kind of character that is demanded by a show like Sons of Anarchy, Frankie Diamonds essentially was a short-term henchman of Clay Morrow. Eventually revealed to be working against the brand new presidency of Jax Teller, he and his cohorts introduced a criminal element to the city of Charming which undermined the Sons. Dispatched before too long, the character was a means to an end that served its purpose in the show just fine.

Formerly a member of the Hells Angels and a total badass in real-life, when Chuck Zito made his Sons of Anarchy debut it seemed like he would have a major role in the show. The exact opposite of the kind of expectations you want to build up when you introduce a low-level henchman like Frankie Diamonds, Zito is much better suited for a character like Happy Lowman.

4. Chris Reed – Filthy Phil Russell


Around for a relatively long time, Filthy Phil Russell made his debut as one three new prospects SAMCRO had taken on at the start of the show’s 3rd season. Visually distinctive for sure, even though other prospects quickly faded into the background, Filthy Phil was pretty hard to ignore. Unfortunately, that was the huge problem when it came to this character since the actor that portrayed him needed some time to improve.

Eventually made a full-fledged member of SAMCRO, by that point, viewers should have grown to care about Filthy Phil, similar to the way they felt about Ratboy when he was patched in.

Instead, he still seemed like the same vulnerable teddy bear that he was when he first appeared on screen in large part because Chris Reed, the actor that played him, was out of his depth. In fact, the only Filthy Phil scene that really worked, when he was being pushed to confess to a crime against the club he didn’t commit, worked because the audience wanted to protect him.

3. Donal Logue – Lee Toric


Easily one of the most hated characters in the history of Sons of Anarchy, there is a fine line between rooting against a character and loathing every moment they appear on the screen.

Absolutely on the latter side of that divide, Lee Toric was a disgraced and overzealous formal U.S. Marshall whose sister had been dispatched by Otto Delaney. Coming to Charming to exact revenge on the Sons for the grisly demise of his loved one, he set about torturing Otto to the best of his ability and set plans in motion to take SAMCRO down.

An actor that has been stellar in a long line of film and television roles, Donal Logue is the type of performer that viewers usually are ecstatic to see added to the cast of their favorite show. Far from the case when it comes to Sons of Anarchy, sadly, not only was the character Lee Toric awful because of how he was written but he was portrayed poorly as well. Completely overacted to a stunning degree, Logue did everything short of literally biting into the scenery around him.

2. Frank Potter – Eric Miles


Another instance of a SAMCRO member that came and went without making much of an impact, in the case of Eric Miles that is especially appalling. First introduced as one of the three prospects that took the place of Half-Sack, in an ideal world, the fact that he eventually was patched in should have meant something.

However, up until the moment his life being taken from him, it would have been charitable to say that his appearances were underwhelming. That is a gigantic shame given the circumstances of how his life came to an end.

Dispatched by Juice in that character’s worst moment, it was the ultimate betrayal for someone that had been forced into a situation he saw no way out of. A deed that should have made us gasp in disbelief, had Juice’s victim been someone that Sons of Anarchy viewers cared deeply about it would have been far more meaningful. Instead, Frank Potter’s performance as Eric Miles was so boring that his death was a fraction as emotional for audiences as it should have been.

1. William Lucking – Piney Winston


One of the architects of Sons of Anarchy, Piney Winston was one of the co-founders of the MC and when the show began his role was something of a senior advisor. Also notable for being the father of arguably the show’s most popular character, Opie Winston, Piney was set up to be one of the most interesting characters in a show choked full of them. Instead, aside from his many disagreements with Clay Morrow and occasionally pushing Jax to alter the foundation of the MC, his role was a minor one.

Portrayed by William Lucking, an actor that took on his first role in 1965, in some ways he seemed perfect for the role as he looked like someone whose every word people would hang on.

Unfortunately, as the show progressed it became obvious that his work as the character was decidedly one note. In fact, even when Piney was outraged by the untimely demise of his daughter-in-law he didn’t come across overly different than he did in any number of other unremarkable scenes.

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