8 Wrestlers Who Took Another Person’s Life (And 7 Who Took Their Own)


The world of Professional Wrestling might advertise a lot of violence which is meant to entertain the audience, but never does a wrestling company promote the things that happen inside the ring as they are extremely dangerous. The WWE and others always warn their audience to never try these things at home or anywhere else, and even though most of their wrestlers also go by this rule, some others have turned out to be brutal enough to commit murder in real life.

Some of these wrestlers have actually done the shocking deed of taking someone else’s life with their bare hands and while much of those are accidental because of these wrestlers protecting themselves or botching a move inside the ring, others had serious motives. On the other hand, there are wrestlers who have committed suicide, as they just couldn’t bear to live with themselves after falling down the wrestling ladder, letting drugs and alcohol completely destroy their lives.

Professional Wrestlers are actually quite the disturbed bunch and while some have killed other people, others have also committed the shocking sin of taking their own lives after not being able to live with themselves.


The Great Khali was quite the terrorizing character in the WWE before they turned him into the “Punjabi Playboy” character where he was more of a friendly giant than anything else. But Khali had quite the reputation in the Independent circuit before he arrived at WWE and all of it wasn’t good, as he had actually killed a man inside the ring with one of his moves. Khali was facing a wrestler named Brian Ong for All Pro Wrestling; Ong had actually suffered a concussion during a training session but APW staff encouraged him to go on. Khali was training with Ong and hit him with a flapjack, causing a second concussion which proved to be fatal. Ong’s family would sue APW and get rewarded with $1.3 million and Khali got the bad name of accidentally killing someone in the ring.


Mike Awesome was quite the superb wrestler back in the 90s when he wrestled for almost all the prominent wrestling promotions in ECW, WCW and WWE(after the turn of the century) but he achieved most of his fame in the land of extreme. Awesome was a main-eventer for ECW, winning the ECW Heavyweight Title as well multiple times as well. His career took a dent when he joined WWE where he couldn’t succeed and after wrestling in the Independent scene for a few years, he retired from wrestling in 2006. But it seems Awesome’s mental health deteriorated from that point onwards as he took his own life a year after his retirement when some of his friends found him hanging inside his home. Awesome did get honored by WWE after his death but this shows just how badly some wrestlers life deteriorates after they leave what they live for.


Ox Baker might be a wrestler who isn’t remembered by many, but he was one of the most terrifying looking wrestlers in the business back in the day when he wrestled all over the United States as quite the tough individual. Baker’s finishing move which was called “Hurt Punch” was quite the deadly one as well and he actually killed two guys in the ring with that brutal finisher. It happened for the first instance in 1971 when he accidentally killed Alberto Torres who died 3 days after receiving his heart punch from a ruptured appendix. It happened again a year later when a wrestler Ray Gunkel dropped to the ring after receiving the Hurt Punch and was later announced dead, but it was actually discovered that he suffered a heart attack after eating too much prior to the match, but Baker was unfortunate enough to call his finisher a “fatal” one.


Chris Kanyon might be remembered as a promising WCW mid-carder who was part of some really intriguing story-lines in the company’s dying days and later also played a big part during the Invasion angle. But Kanyon’s career went haywire after that point out, as he failed to make any sort of an impact after that angle died out and suffered way too many injuries which forced WWE to let him go. Kanyon wrestled sometime in the Independent circuit before calling it day, but he shocked everyone when it was discovered that Kanyon had committed suicide by taking a whole bottle of anti-depressants. He also left behind a note for his family as his death was also surprisingly acknowledged by the WWE who at least honored this wrestler whose career started to go wrong after joining the promotion, later causing depression which resulted in this sad death.


Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka might be known as one of the pioneers of “high-flying” wrestling in the WWE but he got quite the bad reputation during his final years after he was charged in 2015 with the murder of his girlfriend which happened in 1983. Snuka was a rising star for WWE at the time and after a taping in May 1983, he called for an ambulance after his girlfriend had been injured. She had suffered more than two dozen cuts and bruises all over her body and passed away, as the case was shoved under the rug at the time. But in 2015 Snuka was officially charged with the murder of his girlfriend as it was discovered that Snuka himself had committed this heinous crime and despite having a legendary career, this awful murder is something which will always remain as a black mark on him.


Test was a really intimidating wrestler back in the Attitude era where he played the bodyguard for Mr. McMahon’s Corporation and was a promising mid-carder at the time. He had the looks and the power but somehow couldn’t climb to the very top and was kept as a mid-carder for a long time. But a terrible injury laid him off WWE for a long time and forced them to release him, but he’d come back and have a stint in ECW later on. Test even wrestled for TNA after being released again by WWE, before retiring from wrestling. But it seems he couldn’t cope without it as he took his own life in 2009 after overdosing on oxycodone. It was later discovered that Test suffered from a brain problem due to taking several bumps to the head as WWE didn’t even acknowledge the sad death of this underachieving wrestler.


New Jack has the reputation of being one of the craziest and most dangerous wrestlers to ever step foot in a wrestling ring, as he often takes it too far in “shooting” when he wrestled wrestlers in some “extreme” matches. New Jack was allegedly a bounty hunter before coming to wrestling and did apparently murder 4 people during that time, as he had the history of violence before he arrived at ECW where he fit right in. Jack also played a bit part in the “Mass Transit” incident when he almost killed an underage kid named Mass Transit in a brutal match. While the person died due after failing to go through with a surgery, his family still blames New Jack for his death! Jack is an extremely dangerous human being and going by the animal he becomes in “shoot matches”, it’s not really surprising to discover that he’s taken someone else’s life.


Crash Holly was quite the entertaining character back in the day as the “cousin” of Hardcore Holly would be a marvel in the Cruiserweight Division in WWE. Crash would also be a great implement in WWE’s Hardcore Division as he won the title numerous times during its 24×7 title defense format, later also winning the Light Heavyweight Championship and European Championship as well. But Holly didn’t survive for many years in WWE, getting released in 2003 and he became suicidal after that point. Crash took his own life a few months after being released by WWE, as he was found in his friend Stevie Richards’ house with a pool of vomit on his fame. There were some empty bottles of prescription drugs and alcohol on the floor as it was later discovered that Holly had died by choking on his own vomit, which was a really sad way to go for this promising wrestler.


“The Bad Guy” Scott Hall was one of the coolest wrestlers of his time with him portraying a really amazing heel character in WWE, but he couldn’t really climb up from being a mid-carder. He later went to WCW where he formed the NWO with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan before his alcohol addiction deterred his career and reputation. But to add to Hall’s bad reputation, he has also killed a man in real life when he was charged with second-degree murder after shooting a man with his own gun at a nightclub in 1983. But Hall confessed that it was for self-defense because of which the case was closed, but he did state that it haunts him every day as it’s pretty shocking to discover that someone like Hall could commit murder and despite it being self-defense, he has to live with that haunting him forever.


Chris Von Erich was part of the legendary Von Erich family who were the pioneers of wrestling in the 70s but the family also seems to have a terrible curse on themselves as their second generation. Chris would not be as good as his brothers Mike and Kerry as he worked up doing odd jobs at WCW before he stepped inside the ring where he had a lack of athleticism and his bones were so weak that they’d break if he tried to perform some moves. He only had a few feuds in his life and after suffering from frustration and depression because of his family’s curse and his own awful state, Chris shot himself in the head in September 1991, eighteen days before his 22nd birthday. His death was quite the shocker and another blow to the Von Erich’s reputation which has regressed over the years.


Verne Gagne was a legendary wrestler who had the respect of many because of his amazing work in the 50s and 60s in the professional wrestling industry. Gagne did amazing work for the National Wrestling Alliance and American Wrestling Association promotions and helped them get recognition in the American Wrestling society as well. Gagne is among only six men who have been inducted in the WWE, WCW, and Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. But he lost his mind towards the end, as he suffered from dementia which forced his family to put Gagne in an old age nursing home. Gagne played a part in killing an older man in this facility as he apparently threw the man to the floor, breaking his hip. The older man later died from the injury as Gagne wasn’t charged with anything because of his dementia, sadly having no recollection of that brutal incident.


Kerry Von Erich looked like the brightest talent among the 2nd generational Von Erich’s as he was an amazing wrestler who was so incredible that he continued wrestling after having his right leg amputated after a terrible accident which almost killed him. Von Erich would be an Intercontinental Champion in WWE after that incident and was one of their best wrestlers at the time but after not moving further into the top, he left the company in 1992. Kerry couldn’t handle the pain and pressure anymore as he shot himself to the heart in 1993 after suffering through much depression because of the premature death of his brothers. The curse of the Von Erich’s continued with Kerry who could’ve been remembered ever more by the audience had he not decided to take his own life and win back his reputation in the wrestling industry.


Brian McGee was an aspiring wrestler a few years ago when he got a chance at WWE’s FCW(Florida Championship Wrestling) developmental territory but couldn’t make the cut as he wasn’t good enough. McGee would somehow lost his plot after leaving the WWE as he would go haywire after leaving FCW and made the news in 2013 for all the wrong reasons. McGee was in a hospital when he fatally stabbed his girlfriend multiple times in the stomach before he was apprehended by police after a high-speed car chase. To make it worse, he even changed his profile picture on Facebook after killing his girlfriend to what looked like a hand or an ankle with oozing blood. McGee was charged with first-degree murder and is behind bars right now for committing this awful crime.


Sean O’Haire had an awesome vibe to him when he arrived at the WWE from WCW, but the Power Plant graduate couldn’t really adjust himself to the WWE lifestyle. He was given a role in the Invasion angle and later portrayed quite the mysterious, dark character as the “Devil’s Advocate” character but somehow didn’t impress the management enough to keep his place in the company. He wrestled sometime in the Independent circuit before he moved to MMA where he had a rather decent career and was doing pretty good when the shocking news of his death rocked the wrestling industry. O’Haire was found hanging from his bedpost in 2014 as he had apparently been suffering from depression and alcohol addiction prior to his death. It was especially surprising to know of his death because of how well he was doing in MMA, showing how bad mental health can cause destruction absolutely any time.


Chris Benoit will always be remembered as one of the best technical wrestlers of his time but his legacy is forever tarnished. Benoit won it all in WWE and was one of their top stars when he committed murder, which shocked absolutely everyone in the wrestling industry. Benoit was due to wrestle on a WWE PPV before he went missing, as it was later discovered that he had killed himself, but not before murdering his own wife Nancy and son Daniel Benoit. Although there are many conspiracies floating around about this controversial incident, most evidence points towards Benoit killing his own wife and son before he hung himself. That has ruined his reputation to the point that he isn’t even recognized by WWE anymore and his legacy of being an amazing wrestler is now remembered as that of a killer.

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