8 Wrestlers Who Went Nuts Overseas

What goes on tour, stays on tour. Or it would, if wrestling wasn’t one of the worst industries for keeping secrets.

“Telegram, telephone, tell a wrestler” was the old adage back when people still actually used telegrams and spoke on telephones, but Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter is more popular and profitable than ever before because wrestlers can still be relied upon to spill the beans if the stories are there to be shared.

Several generations of performers probably thank their favoured deities for the relative recency of social media as a lifestyle tool. Kevin Nash famously noted that by the late-1990s, “rockstars partied like wrestlers” such was the growth of the scene and the chaos that often exploded out of it.

An overseas trip, even in 2018, literally supplants the wrestlers on brave new islands rife for isolated incidents. Those same partiers – often without the pressures of domestic travel, accommodation or finances to arrange – find increasingly hedonistic new ways to toast their bizarre and brilliant lifestyle choice.

No hotel bar was safe, no airplane was air-bound enough. Even international prisons couldn’t contain one particular Rocky Mountains monster. Well, it could actually, for a brief period at least…

8. Vader Keeps Kayfabe


A unsettling kayfabe protectorate several years after the mask had already formally slipped, Vader lived the gimmick one last time when he felt the integrity of his industry challenged.

After being served a annoyingly typical question about the legitimacy of pro wrestling (with the other dreaded ‘f’ word uttered by the host Bassam Al Othman) midway through a fluffy promotional interview on ‘Good Morning Kuwait’, Vader snapped as if the interviewer was 1992 Sting himself. “Does that f*cking feel fake” yelled Vader, bulldozing over a coffee table to reach out and grab the terrified presenter by the throat.

Then-WWE Champion The Undertaker had already palmed the question off with a certain level of diplomacy, but Vader wanted the time for his own violent response. It was a costly call.

The incident resulted in ‘The Mastadon’ being briefly jailed in the country before being released and forced into paying a laughably small $164 fine. The whole scene was unnecessarily ugly, and permanently derailed any further upward momentum Vader had earned as a topliner. The disdain in Vince McMahon’s voice as he reported the incident on Monday Night Raw during his absence was palpable.

7. From Bad Booking To The Bad Books


Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were deep in the midst of a sort-of WWE push in November 2017 after ‘The Underdog From The Underground’ shockingly rejoined his arch-nemesis at the conclusion of his brutal Hell In A Cell battle with Shane McMahon.

The duo were SmackDown Live! insurgents, intent on breaking the blue brand from within having already toppled its leader. Ruled out of the blockbuster inter-brand Survivor Series main event as a result, Zayn and Owens allegedly veered a little too close to the storylines with some unruly in-ring behaviour on a UK television taping.

Just hours before AJ Styles liberated the WWE Championship from Jinder Mahal on a Manchester SmackDown Live!, the pair escaped an attack from The New Day when they were supposed to get in there and take their lumps. It was such a bizarre act of self-preservation from the ordinarily professional pair that many believe it was to feed into the wider work about their malcontent at the time, but their blanket absence from every remaining house show revealed the reality.

The duo were back at the Survivor Series itself, but only to perform a run-in that didn’t actually go that well. They rabble-roused, but a recovered Shane McMahon was able to punch them back to the showers as on-screen penance for their act.

6. Sid & Arn’s Scissored Isle


‘Sycho’ Sid was the nickname that ultimately lead the charismatic Arkansas star to WWE glory, but it was a rib long before the 6’8 behemoth accepted as a term of subversive affection.

Sid’s whisper-shout promo style had always relied on his most maniacal alter-ego escaping, but it was arrogance that triggered a bloody scene with WCW stalwart Arn Anderson during the company’s 1993 UK tour.

Drinking in a Blackburn hotel, the crew were forced to separate Arn and Sid after the latter implied that nobody was drawing with the former’s old friend Ric Flair on top. Fellow wrestlers initially calmed down the dispute after beers and verbal barbs were thrown, but the situation worsened as the majority retired to their rooms.

Unable to let it lie, Sid knocked on for Arn in an attempt to knock him out. After a pair of scissors were somehow introduced, Sid took to stabbing Anderson repeatedly enough for him to allegedly exclaim “You’re killing me”.

‘Double A’ thankfully made a recovery, but not without the dust-up making national news in the United Kingdom and back home. Sid – then booked to defeat Vader for the WCW Heavyweight Title at Starrcade – was fired. Of all people, Ric Flair took his place.

5. Bus Cass


Big Cass hasn’t had the best 12 months.

This time last year, he was set to defeat The Big Show at SummerSlam, end his interminable rivalry with former partner Enzo Amore the following night, and presumably get a healthy push to coincide with his unteachable height.

Stage one of the plan was disastrous, but only for pro wrestling reasons – the Big Show clash was a total dud. His Raw feud-ender with Enzo was somehow even worse. Cass crocked himself early on, ruling himself out of WrestleMania 34 with an ACL injury serious enough to derail him for eight months. During his on-screen absence, he split from real life girlfriend Leah ‘Carmella’ Van Dale whilst former best friend Amore was booted from the company amidst unpleasant sexual assault allegations.

His understated return to feud with Daniel Bryan shortly after 2018’s ‘Show Of Shows’ appeared on paper the perfect fresh start, but Cass’ personal struggles fatally wounded the execution of the angle. Alongside some professional infractions (Cass apparently blew off promo rehearsals and notably went into business for himself with an extended assault on a miniature Daniel Bryan impersonator), the former NXT doubles star’s oddball actions cost the company money and the man most of his locker room support.

Stuck in a coach toilet as the crew travelled from town-to-town on their spring 2017 UK tour, Cass booted the door clean off in a rage over being ribbed. There was no such prank – but clumsy Cass’ bog bother rendered it out of action for all the other travelling performers as well as leaving WWE with an unexpected damage bill.

4. Hell


Perhaps the most liberally cribbed backstage wrestling story due to the various strands of chaos that emerged from it, 2002’s WWE ‘Plane Ride From Hell’ was an instant classic the moment the troubled jet hit the deck.

Earlier that year, Vince McMahon had threatened to inject his organisation with a kayfabe “lethal dose of poison” by bringing in the New World Order, but both X-Pac and Scott Hall’s were only two of the offenders in the murderer’s row of wrong’un’s on the hedonistic flight home from UK-only pay-per-view Insurrextion. That show was horrendous – surely there’s a place on the WWE Network for handi-cam footage of the air travel instead?

A p*ssed Pac clipped Michael Hayes’ mullet after the former Freebird passed out, Ric Flair “walked that aisle” naked but for his wrestling robe, Goldust drunkenly serenaded his ex-wife Terri, and Brock Lesnar and Curt Hennig almost literally fought to the death when a friendly grappling game veered out of hand and into an emergency exit.

Though not attached to one of the headline incidents, Hall was on a final warning about his boozing in general, and was let go shortly afterwards due to his poor condition and performances.

3. Going South In The Far East


Freshly released from WWE in 2001 and 2002 respectively, Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer and Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman’s spiralling drug and alcohol addictions led them both into unchartered territory in 2004 with the international release of self-made pornographic film ‘1 Night In China’.

Smoothly titled to parody an infamously distributed Paris Hilton sex-tape at the time, the pair committed to the bit beyond the pun. The customer-focussed coitus was framed around a guided tour of the world’s most populous country, though thankfully the majority of the 1.404 billion in China weren’t exposed to the nether regions of the former WWE stars.

As with much of his darkest days, a now-clean Waltman has shared regret about the experience, but it wasn’t completely without merit for the pair. Shifting 100,000 units for Red Light District Entertainment, the duo split a reasonable profit from the sales whilst the whole thing effectively acted as a backdoor pilot for Laurer’s second life in adult entertainment.

2. P*ssed, P*issed On And P*ssed Off

WWE Network

The William Regal that mastered a remastered version of his old WCW ‘Lord’ persona in WWE wasn’t the man that first signed with the company in 1998 or even the one that briefly got work back in Atlanta the following year. He was by that point knee deep in a booze and pills addiction that threatened to derail some of the outstanding work he’d done throughout the decade.

A 1997 incident in particular even left him incarcerated – though he had absolutely no memory of getting sent to the the prison cell he awoke in.

During a lengthy trip between Tokyo, Japan and Detroit, Michigan, Regal had left an airplane toilet door open whilst urinating, and was too inebriated to stop the flow when turning round to respond to the steward’s request. The ugly scene landed him with a $2500 fine and the aforementioned stay in an Alaskan jail – the plane had landed prematurely to hoof him from the flight.

As evidenced by some uncomfortable WWE television appearances in 1998, he’d not yet reached his rock bottom, but few experiences highlighted the steepness of his slide.

1. Going Under


It took some effort to get sacked by WCW in 2000. The company was headed for the wall when Eduardo ‘Juventud Guerrera’ Hernandez headed for the unemployment line, but an out-there Australian adventure was enough to justify his sharp exit just months before the entire organisation ceased to be.

In 2000, when everything was falling apart for WCW, wrestlers on every part of the card were frustrated. And for Eduardo Hernandez, his frustration exploded in a fit of PCP-fuelled rage.

Somewhere in between the aggressive and hallucinogenic stages of a PCP high during an October tour of Brisbane, Australia, ‘The Juice’ was well and truly loose in the company hotel. Guerrera ran the hotel corridors stark naked, screaming all sorts including veiled threats of murder towards selected WCW executives.

Law enforcement couldn’t curb his insanity – Juve turned his fire on the officers called to calm the situation down, with two filing assault charges to go with claims against him for indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, causing bodily harm and possession of a dangerous drug. A $1800 fine can’t have stung too much considering the potential ramifications, with the convictions even being struck from his records to allow him to travel internationally with ease for his work. Upon receiving his walking papers from the Atlanta outfit, this was almost immediately an even greater slice of fortune.

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