82% Of American Men Would Rather Lose A Finger Than Never Have Sex Again

And yet, that’s not a shocking figure.

Everyone has played “Would You Rather” before, as it is usually a game that finds itself in conversation when everyone is drunk and lying down in the living room, talking about life and how much they hate each other. And of course, the game usually ends up pitting two gross things against each other, and you have to choose one. But the lovely folks at Dr. Ed decided to push the envelope a tad more.

Dr. Ed asked 2,000 Americans and Europeans this question: “How important is sex to them, and what would and wouldn’t they give up for it?” And some of the answers were pretty crazy, but again, not surprising, because who wants to give up sex? Nuns, that’s who.

Let’s start off with these findings:


Illustration: Dr. Ed

As you can tell, 75% of people would rather give up liquor than sex. But only 42% would give up their phone. Man, people love their phones more than liquor?

Now let’s check out how many people would be OK losing a limb.


So there are about 42% of American dudes that would gladly give up an arm before they give up sex. Hey, guys with one arms still get lucky.


Beer over oral sex?


So almost 35% of American gals would give up oral sex before their beer, which makes sense since a lot of dudes don’t even head down south on  a gal, which is complete and utter madness.

Social media or sex?


Of course almost 90% of dudes would gladly quit social media for a year than give up sex for a year, but believe it or not 10% of dudes would give up sex for a year before giving up social media. Who are these dudes?!

Eyesight or sex?


Let me just say this: almost 8% of American idiots rather go blind than give up their ability to orgasm. Do these dudes understand how important eyesight is?

And now, the important question.


Get this: Almost 31% of women would say “adios” to sex than say “adios” to chocolate. Well, what kind of chocolate?

Thanks again to Dr. Ed for these findings.

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