84-Year-Old Rejected $1M Offer, Forces Shopping Mall To Build Around Her

Home is where the heart is and there was no way this woman was going to let some real estate development break her heart.
When real estate developers offered $1 million for her home, 84-year-old Edith Macefield turned them down.

Source: slate.com
With no other options available, the developers were forced to build their massive shopping mall around her house.

Source: slate.com
Macefield loved her home in Seattle, Washington and wound up becoming a folk hero for refusing to sell it.

Unfortunately, she passed away in 2008, but Pixar reinvigorated her story in 2009, by decorating her home with balloons just like the Up house.

Since then, the house has been fairly abandoned and even boarded up at one point.

During the construction of the shopping mall, Macefield wound up befriending Barry Martin, one of the construction workers. She actually left the house to Barry, letting him know that she had no attachments to her residence after she had passed and she wanted him to sell it to pay for his kids’ college tuitions. Barry wound up selling the home to investors, who never found a new purpose for it.

There are several local groups that are fundraising and runningpetitions to try to save the home.

Source: facebook.com

They want to make sure it stays up as a memorial and tribute to Macefield.

For now, several locals have attached balloons all around with positive messages.

Source: facebook.com

You can keep track of the Macefield House’s status over on Facebook. Here’s hoping it stays up!


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