bored? 9 Awkwardly Ironic News Stories


The power outages that disrupted an energy minister’s press conference


The power went off three times in a press conference where Piyush Goyal, India’s Union Minister for Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy, was presenting the achievements of his ministry in the power sector.

As the minister began to speak, the power cut three times, leaving him in utter darkness. Goyal said in jest, “I think I mentioned last time that my wife tells me that power should go off once in every program that I hold so that I can be sure that I have miles to go before I rest and sleep. I don’t know whether now they’ve made it a practice because of her guidance or it (if) is actually gone.” (Source)


The hackers who were hacked


One of the world’s largest hacking forums has been hacked. The private details of over half a million of its users were dumped online in May 2016.

The Nulled.IO board is used to trade and sell credit cards and leaked identity information, hacking tools, cracks, and malware creation kits. Those responsible for the breach dumped a 1.3 GB compressed archive online, which, when expanded, is a 9.45 GB SQL file containing details of the website’s cybercriminal users and their activities.

It’s not known who was responsible for the breach, but the incident shows that no one, not even hackers themselves, are safe. All of this information will likely be of interest to law enforcement officials, however. (Source)


The pro-gun activist who was shot in the back by her son a day after touting his shooting skills online


A pro-gun activist was shot in the back by her four-year-old son after he found her pistol lying in the backseat of her truck just a day after she boasted about his shooting skills online.

Jacksonville, Florida resident Jamie Gilt, 31, frequently posts about firearms on her social media accounts. She was driving her truck when the toddler picked up the weapon and shot her in the back. The accident came just a day after she said the youngster would get “jacked up” before shooting practice on a page dedicated to her musings on Second Amendment rights. (Source)




The woman who hit a moose on her way to visit her sister—who also hit a moose


In 2010, Yvonne Studley, 49, was severely injured when she hit a moose with her vehicle and was hospitalized. When her sister, Connie Everitt, 51, decided to visit her at Vancouver General Hospital, she also hit a moose and ended up in the same hospital.

Everitt told a reporter: “My first thought was, ‘Are the moose going out [on a] hunting season for my family?'” and said hitting a moose just like her sister “really threw me for a loop.” (Source)


The woman who was killed by her medical alert necklace


New Cumberland, Pennsylvania resident Roseann DiFrancesco, 86, was found dead on February 15, 2016, after being strangled by her medical alert necklace.

DiFrancesco was using her walker when she lost her balance and fell. Her medical alert necklace got caught on the handle of the walker, strangling her to death (it didn’t have a breakaway clasp).

DiFrancesco was found by a visiting nurse who entered the home after knocking and getting no response. Her death has been ruled accidental. (Source | Photo)


The monks who brawled in front of a Buddhist temple


A brawl broke out between three monks inside China’s Ningguo temple in April 2016.

Video shows the monks fighting in front of the temple while fellow monks and tourists try to stop the fight.

The head monk said the three involved broke the principle of Buddhism, and they were immediately released from the order. So much for inner peace!



A “Legal rape” advocate cancels anti-feminist meet-ups after fears for the safety of his followers


A pro-men international meet-up was canceled due to the organizer’s fear that he could not adequately protect attendees.

The event was set to take place in February 2016 in multiple locations around the world and was organized by Daryush Valizadeh, a so-called “pick-up artist“ and founder of the website, Return Of Kings. Valizadeh is the leader of the “neo-masculinity” movement, which advocates for traditional gender roles and is overtly anti-feminist. In 2015, Valizadeh wrote a post on Return Of Kings suggesting that rape should be legal on private property so that victims could use it as a “learning experience.” (Valizadeh has since called the post “satire.”)

After facing swift and vocal backlash from multiple governments, politicians, and the general public, Valizadeh opted out in a Return Of Kings post:

I can no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend on February 6, especially since most of the meetups can not be made private in time. While I can’t stop men who want to continue meeting in private groups, there will be no official Return Of Kings meetups. I apologize to all the supporters who are let down by my decision. (Source)


The lawmakers who passed legislation allowing people to drink raw milk, then got sick after drinking it in celebration


West Virginia lawmakers passed a bill allowing people to drink raw milk in 2016—then became sick after consuming some.

Charleston officials drank the raw milk to celebrate a law that loosened restrictions on the product. After drinking some of the milk, Delegate Pat McGeehan conducted an interview while he was lying down and in some discomfort. McGeehan said fellow Delegate Scott Cadle “caught me in the hallway, offered a cup to me, and you want to try to be a gentleman. I had a small sip and walked away and tossed the rest of it.”

Dangerous bacteria that can live in raw milk include Campylobacter, Listeria, Salmonella and E. Coli. (Source)


The man who learned a valuable lesson after his post about Caitlyn Jenner went viral


In 2015, when Vanity Fair
unveiled its Caitlyn Jenner cover, the reaction to it was mostly supportive, but some people disagreed with calling her brave.

Enter Terry Coffey of Salem, Oregon, who took issue with Jenner being called brave and posted the photo above showing “real American bravery.” His post went viral.

Coffey didn’t know the photo was not a from a real war battle, but from a documentary called Marwencol, which is about a man named Mark Hogancamp. Hogancamp was severely beaten by five men outside of a bar in 2000 for being a cross-dresser. He was in a coma for nine days and suffered brain damage and memory loss. He started making World War II tableaus in his backyard to help stimulate his mind. Coffey updated his status the following day:

The photo that accompanied my words yesterday to highlight “true bravery,” was chosen from a quick image search. Just wanted something to fit my words. This afternoon, I wanted to find out who the photographer was so that I could credit his work.

In an ironic twist, I have discovered that the photo is part of a documentary created by a man who was beaten nearly to death outside of a bar in 2000.

After spending 9 days in a coma, suffering severe brain damage and being unable to walk or talk for a year, he chose to deal with the pain of the tragic event, by creating an imaginary world of characters and photos and stories, all set in WWII. His work is the subject of an upcoming documentary.

Why was he nearly beaten to death by 5 strangers?

Because he was a cross-dresser.

I could have chosen any one of hundreds of photos depicting bravery, but I chose this one. Do I think it was an accident?

No, I don’t.

What happened to this man was cruel, wrong, and unforgivable.

Hate helps nothing
Love wounds no one
and God heals all.(and irony makes you think) (Source)





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