9 Bizarre DIY Projects


The woman who created her own pancreas

Dana Lewis is a health professional with diabetes who created her own artificial pancreas system. The system uses software and hardware (including her iPhone) to work with her glucose monitor and insulin pump to regulate her blood sugar. The DIY model works automatically, but she periodically sends it “texts” to tweak the levels. (Source)


The people who make their own brain stimulators

Transcranial direct current stimulation, or tDCS, is the use of small jolts of electricity to enhance brain function. While there has been lots of research on the subject in labs, the results are far from clear that this is good for you. That hasn’t stopped a small but fervent community of DIYers who have created their own headsets complete with electrodes and 9-volt batteries to “juice” their own brains. (Source 1 | Source 2 | PhotoVia)


The woman who made her own “breakfast machine”

Recently, she made a portable mattress that straps to her back

Simone Giertz calls herself the “queen of the sh*tty robots” and has made many unusual and useless machines. They are part robotics, part slapstick. Here is a robot that she invented to feed her breakfast, with hilariously disastrous results:

(Source 1 | Source 2)


The people who build their own coffins

They say it helps bring them together and fight loneliness

Elderly folks in New Zealand have formed a bond over the inevitable and have created their own “coffin clubs.” It started in 2010 with an elderly nurse, Katie Williams, who created a coffin in her garage with the help of a few handymen, and now there are clubs all over the tiny country. (Source)


The man who created his own “Tinder” app

He claims to have had over 100 right swipes so far

Resourceful geek Shed Simove has created the ultimate dating app… for himself at least. He calls it Shinder (after Tinder, of course) and the catch for the women is that there is only one man to choose from—swipe left or right; you’ll only be matched with Shed! (Source 1 | Source 2)


The man who assembled his own iPhone 6S from used parts

He spent around $300

American Scotty Allen was fascinated by the secondhand iPhone parts market in Shenzen. He wondered if he could buy all the parts and assemble an iPhone 6S himself? After a couple of months, he was successful in his endeavor and said it was easier than he thought and that anybody with enough patience could do it. You can watch his adventure below:
(Source | Via)


The man who made a $1500 sandwich literally from scratch

This wasn’t a one-off – George has a lot of strange DIY projects on his YouTube channel (Photo Source)

Andy George made a sandwich. That in and of itself wouldn’t be strange, but he decided to make this sandwich entirely from scratch, which included milking a cow for cheese and killing a chicken. It took him six months, cost him $1500, and made him think twice about wasting food again.

(Source | Via)


The “Performance artist” who drew his own money

One Boggs note was allegedly resold for $420,000

To some, JSG Boggs was an artist, to others (particularly governments), he was a counterfeiter. Boggs would hand draw elaborate but clearly fake bills (they were all one-sided) and attempt to use them for everyday transactions; his first, in 1984, was given to a waitress for a cup of coffee. Then, he would take the change, ask for a receipt, and write the date and details on the back of the note. He would then sell the change and receipt to art collectors as “performance art”; the collectors would then contact the owner of the note directly to purchase it. (Source)


The man who designed his own Royal Mail stamps

Angus McDonagh is a British gentleman who was fed up with what he felt was the declining quality of Royal Mail stamps. So he created his own deliberately outlandish stamps (many with his own face) on his computer, printed and used them to send over 100 letters around the world. He denies he’s counterfeiting and says he has tried to pay the government the postage, but it has been refused. You can read about his endeavors in his ebook (Source | Photo)


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