9 Clever Zombie Puns

These zombie puns gave us such a chuckle, we had to ask Garth von Ahnen a few questions about how he brought these two passions together.

“I’ve been making illustrations professionally for about 10 years, mostly for album covers and poster art, but also the occasional astronomy illustration (I was published in The New Universe and the Human Future written by renown cosmologist Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams),” Garth told Distractify.

When it comes to which zombie media he prefers, Garth had this to say: “My favorite zombie movie is by far “Shawn of the Dead” because it’s not only a spoof on the genre but a fantastic zombie movie in it’s own right.”

And because puns are such an eyeroll-inducing medium, Garth even shared some of the lines that didn’t make the cut.

“The worst suggestions were… In need of fresh underwear zombie: ‘Hanes, hanes’ and Geriatric zombie: ‘vericose veins!’ The nerdiest suggestion was Zombie string theorists: “Braaaaaanes”. That made me groan once I looked up “Branes” on wikipedia. Nevertheless, I might find a way to work one or more of those into the next set; the thing is, the worse the pun is, the funnier it can be in this context.”

Yeah, you heard that right. Garth got lots of GREAT suggestions for new zombie puns via Reddit and Twitter which he plans to illustrate. Look for Round 2 to publish here in the very near future!!

Assuming we’re not all zombies by then.


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