9 Cops Who Had Secret Criminal Lives


The cop turned cable guy who tortured and murdered two women

In the mid-’90s, a former Miami police officer, David Middleton, was found guilty of the murders of Katherine Powell of Reno, an elementary school teacher, and Thelma Davila of Sparks, an employee at Circus Circus casino.

Middleton was fired for kidnapping and raping a woman while on duty. He moved to Reno, where he worked as a cable installer. He and his girlfriend, Yvonne Haley, set up a torture chamber in a Sparks storage unit, where they abused the women before dumping their bodies.

In 1997, he was sentenced to die by lethal injection and remains on death row to this day. (Source | Photo)


The police officer who was sentenced to 440 years in prison for rape

In 2008, Jeffrey Pelo, a former Bloomington, Indiana police sergeant, was sentenced to 440 years in prison. He was convicted of raping four women and stalking a fifth.

Pelo was arrested when another Bloomington officer spotted him outside a woman’s residence after she called to report a prowler. He said he was merely in the neighborhood shopping for a home to buy for his mother-in-law.

Three of Pelo’s victims picked him out of a photo lineup. Prosecutors said he was driven by pornography-fueled fantasies, and evidence that his police computer login had been used to access background information about the rape victims before they were attacked was also presented during the trial.

Pelo was found guilty on 35 counts, including 25 of aggravated sexual assault. Two other charges were dropped during the trial. (Source | Photo)


The police officer who robbed banks on his lunch break

In the late ’70s, Andre Stander, a disillusioned Johannesburg police officer, started robbing banks. A master of disguise who was never recognized by witnesses, he’d rob banks (sometimes on his lunch break) then return to the scene with law enforcement to investigate the crime. He went on to become one of the most infamous bank robbers in South Africa’s history.

Stander’s charade had lasted for about three years before he was caught in 1980. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison. Three years into that sentence, Stander and two inmates, Patrick McCall, and Allan Heyl, managed to escape from jail, and formed the “Stander” gang. The trio robbed up to four banks a day during their short-lived crime spree.

The trio made it to Florida. An international manhunt ensued, and Stander was the first of the crew arrested for running a red light. He could have gotten away had he not stolen his own car from the police lot. He took the car back to its former owner to be repainted, and the man recognized him from the media. He called the police and a cop who was in the vicinity responded. Stander died a few hours later on the wet driveway to his apartment block after a scuffle with an officer. (Source | Photo)


The police officer who was convicted of plotting to kidnap and eat his victims

Former New York City police officer Gilberto Valle was convicted of plotting to kidnap and devour women in March 2013. His conviction was based largely on his exchanges with others on a dark fetish website about his desire to torture and kill several women he knew, including his wife.

Prosecutors said Valle used a law enforcement database to gather information on women he planned to abduct, torture and eat. U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe ordered him released in 2014, after agreeing with Valle’s lawyers that the gruesome descriptions were merely fantasy, not part of an actual criminal plot. None of the women were ever harmed.

A U.S. appeals court is sharply divided on whether to reinstate the conviction of New York’s so-called “cannibal cop,” but a decision is not expected for some time. Valle’s wife turned him in after discovering disturbing images and emails on his computer. The case also led to the arrest of three other men for conspiring to kidnap and kill women. (Source | Photo)


The officer who embezzled $20K from the police gym

A Des Moines police officer, Sgt. Tarry Pote, turned himself into the Polk County Jail in October 2015 after a warrant for his arrest was issued earlier in the day. He faces four counts of theft.

Pote has been accused of the embezzlement of more than $20,000 while he was treasurer on the police gym’s board of directors. The gym is a privately funded by police officer membership dues.

Police say they discovered money was missing during an audit after he had resigned. (Source)


The LAPD officer who tried to smuggle a Mexican citizen across the border in the trunk of his car

In March 2015, an LAPD officer was arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle a Mexican citizen hidden in the trunk of a car into the United States.

Carlos Curiel Quezada Jr., 34, and his girlfriend, Angelica Godinez, 31, are each charged with one count of bringing an undocumented immigrant without presentation into the U.S., according to a District Court indictment.

Quezada, a 10-year LAPD veteran, and Godinez were stopped on March 14, 2015, as they drove through the Otay Mesa border crossing in San Diego. They told a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer that they had nothing to declare.

The officer was not convinced. Using an imaging device similar to an X-ray to examine Quezada’s car, officers detected something unusual in the trunk. When they opened it, they discovered 26-year-old Mexican citizen Antanasio Perez Avalos hiding in the spare tire compartment.

The offense carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. (Source |Photo)


The cop who was busted on several drug related offenses

Jamie Martin, a Corning, Arkansas police officer has been charged with four felonies for numerous drug and drug-related offenses. Because he’s an officer of the law, he could face enhanced penalties for his alleged crimes.

Witnesses working with Arkansas State Police explained that Martin obtained Hydrocodone pills from them on occasion over the past year and a half. While he said he needed the pills to conduct narcotics investigations, they suspected he was using them for personal use.
Martin also allegedly used his cell phone to communicate with witnesses to obtain drugs.

The most recent exchange between Martin and a witness ultimately landed him in police custody. In a public post on Facebook, he stated: “I got addicted to pain medicine on my own, and it has caught up with me.” (Source | Photo)


The detective who committed crimes against children

47-year-old South Miami Police Detective Joe Mendez was arrested in September 2015 and charged with eight counts of child porn and four counts of serving alcohol to a minor. His bond has been set at $42,000.

Police say thousands of images of naked underage girls (some performing sex acts) were found on Mendez’s cell phone. He was also head of the Police Explorers Program, which gave teens an inside look at police work. Several minor females participating in the program made statements against him and evidence has been collected that backs up their statements.

The crooked cop had been under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for more than a year before his arrest. The South Miami Police Department requested that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) investigate him after receiving complaints of alleged sexual abuse involving minors. (Source)


The five year veteran of the force who was charged with second degree theft

The Maui Police Department reports that one of its own was arrested for the offense of theft in the second degree in October 2015.

Maldonado is a five year veteran of the force. In 2013, he was even named Lanai employee of the year. It’s unclear exactly what he’s accused of stealing, but according to the charges it’s worth at least several hundred dollars. (Source | Photo)

9 Cops Who Had Secret Criminal Lives


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