9 Creepy YouTube Videos Might Contain Hidden Messages That Want To Control You


There are so many creepy YouTube videos with hidden messages you might not catch during the first viewing. These videos convey different meanings to many, and perhaps a cryptologist is the only person who can accurately decode them, but everyone agrees that the subliminal messages getting pushed are unsettling.

Nevertheless, it’s entertaining to watch these videos and come up with a theory regarding the hidden message – unless you’re unable to watch it through its entirety without getting too creeped out.

Interestingly enough, the same mysterious person compiled several of the videos on this list (and his since deleted several). We don’t know what this person’s message is or how many more creepy videos he or she will post, but maybe we will have a better idea of what this person is trying to communicate after more content is uploaded to the channel.

Some of these videos will give you the chills, and others will surprise you once you discover the hidden messages.

No Idea… But At Least She Isn’t Your Neighbor
Video: YouTube

A mannequin in various poses and positions sings a strange, haunting melody for the entirety of this video. When uploaded to YouTube in 2009, the video featured a description referencing Pygmalion, a Greek sculptor who thought women too tainted for love.

Many speculate that “Tara,” the mannequin, wears the clothes of a murder victim, and that the brief cut from her to a backyard reveals where the killer hid the body. A dark theory of an already dark video.

Completely Unsettling Message Told By A Possessed Woman
Video: YouTube

A girl sits at a dining room table, alone, while flames burn in the window behind her. As the camera pans out, the Regan MacNeil lookalike slams her head into her bowl while rest of the dimly lit room comes into focus.

Midway through, the video reverses and plays back the instances from before, a quality the director says creates a paradox of the beginning and end of things.

The Internet Is Still Debating This Video’s Hidden Meaning
Video: YouTube

This video features little more than a person in a plague mask and a digital buzzing in the background, but it inspired a wealth of different conspiracies and interpretations. A spectrogram of the video’s sounds revealed a variety of ominous phrases in multiple languages along with many graphic images of mutilation and torture.

While the theories range from a viral marketing ploy to threats of viral terrorism, none of them sound all that pleasant.

It’s Either Philosophically Deep Or Deeply Weird And Disturbing
Video: YouTube

A performance piece by philosophical artist Olivier de Sagazan, Transfiguration shows the artist covering himself in various art materials. It sounds simple and cute enough, until de Sagazan starts to resemble a Guillermo del Toro creation.

Black And White Is Always Creepy

This appears like any other grainy home video until about midway, when it pauses and a deep humming sound reverberates in the background. The pause never gets any explanation, and only appears more ominous because the children being filmed don’t react to the camera person at all.

Does The Biebs Know About This?
Video: YouTube

If you recall, back in his early days, Justin Bieber seemed pretty harmless. Unless you tried playing his early hit “Baby” backwards, which some say revealed coded messages to Satan. Does this mean the Biebs gave his soul to the OG Biebs (Beelzebub) for the voice of an angel? You be the judge.

I’m Poppy
Video: YouTube

If you can spare 10 minutes, you may watch pop singer and Internet enigma Poppy say the words “I’m Poppy” over and over again. This video, coupled with Poppy’s other videos which depict bright yet unsettling imagery and references to the Illuminati, leads many to speculate that Poppy’s after more of an endgame than simply being a popstar.

With a massive Internet following behind her that continues to inexplicably grow, Poppy cannot be ignored, even if she can’t necessarily be understood.

Everyone Knows The Wiggles Send Hidden Messages
Video: YouTube

People let children watch this? The Wicked Witch of the West has nothing on the fear factor coming off these puppets, who think that pointing your finger at things constitutes fun, wholesome entertainment rather than rude behavior.

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