9 Cringeworthy Words That Are Way Uglier Than “Moist”

It’s time to stop treating “moist” like the Nickelback of words.

1. Girth

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Definition: The size of someone or something measured around the middle.

Ugliness: Girth is the touchy-feely creepy uncle of words. For only being one syllable, it sure manages to give off a large circumference of gross vibes.

2. Clavicle

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Definition: Technical term for collarbone.

Ugliness: Some folks find pronounced clavicles sexy, which is fine, but the word itself is quite hideous. Also, the two hard Cs put you at a high risk of accidentally spitting when saying it.

3. Ointment

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Definition: A smooth oily preparation that is rubbed on the skin for medicinal purposes or as a cosmetic.

Ugliness: If only the word “ointment” sounded as soothing and painless as the ointment itself.

4. Flaccid

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Definition: Soft and hanging loosely or limply, especially so as to look or feel unpleasant.

Ugliness: The definition describes it as “unpleasant,” so I think the word “flaccid” itself is guilty by association. What an atrocious, awful word that we should all hope to never have to say under any circumstances.

5. Panties

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Definition: Legless underpants worn by women and girls.

Ugliness: The definition makes you realize that the word “underpants” is somehow more off-putting than panties could ever aspire to be. Still, by and large this word is despised and nothing keeps panties on like the word panties.

6. Succulent

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Definition: a plant.

Ugliness: This word sounds like it’d mean “blood-thirsty baby vampire” or something, which is unfortunate because it’s either referring to beautiful plant, or, it’s other definition, a tender, juicy,MOIST food. C’mon, how does “moist” carry such a burden but succulent gets a pass?

7. Bologna

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Definition: A large smoked, seasoned sausage made of various meats, especially beef and pork.

Ugliness: That definition is basically calling bologna mystery meat, which is exactly what it tastes like, but that’s not why the word is bleh. Just look at it — bologna. The way it’s spelled, the way it sounds, that combination of letters is hideous together in every single way.

8. Doppelgänger

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Definition: An apparition or double of a living person.

Ugliness: The word “doppelgänger” is awful, but fun, like a scary Halloween costume or Gilbert Gottfried’s voice. Opt to say “lookalike” or “face samesies” instead.

9. Grotesque

Source: The Lord Of The Rings

Definition: Comically or repulsively ugly or distorted.

Ugliness: Grotesque is exactly what its definition describes.



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