9 Expensive Foods So Gross They Should Pay You To Eat Them

Poop Coffee

The world’s most expensive coffee is made from the digested bean remains of a weasel-cat creature named the civet. Kopi Luwak runs up to $100 a cup and is probably the most expensive thing you can eat that’s already been eaten.

Dragon Dog

Created by the Canadians (obviously), the world’s most expensive hot dog consists of a truffle-oil marinated Kobe beef dog, infused with $2,000 cognac and topped with lobster tails and claws.

Maggot Cheese

It’s called Casu Marzu and it’s pretty expensive because it’s BANNED BY THE EU due to the fact that it is LITERALLY CRAWLING WITH MAGGOTS.

Douche Burger

The $666 foie gras-stuffed burger is truly Satanic. The Kobe patty is topped with lobster, caviar, truffles, cheese melted via champagne steam, and a BBQ sauce made out of aforementioned weasel-cat poop.

Elephant Dung Beer

Kono Kuro is made with $100 coffee beans that have been eaten, half-digested, then pooped out by elephants.

‘Black Diamond’ Ice Cream

Available in Dubai (obviously), the world’s most expensive ice cream costs $817 and contains saffron, black truffle, and a 23-karat gold leaf, which sounds like a fairly nasty combination for vanilla ice cream if we’re being honest. It does however come in a Versace bowl that you can take home, so at least there’s that.

Bird’s Nest Soup

I wish I could tell you that the main ingredient in this dish isn’t exactly what you’d deduce, but then I’d be lying. Made from the petrified saliva of a male swiftlet, the exclusive Chinese delicacy sells for over $2K.

Fruit Bat Soup

In case bird soup wasn’t vile enough, how about a furry fruit bat soup toxic enough to cause Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s? It would be funny if it wasn’t such an enormous middle finger to both bats and food lovers alike.


Deemed the “Mexican caviar” by some, this delicacy is made of giant vicious black ant eggs. Some say it tastes like corn, which makes you wonder what purpose this dish actually serves.

9 Expensive Foods So Gross They Should Pay You To Eat Them


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