9 Fantasies Everyone Has About Quitting – When They Hate Their Job

These would be much more satisfying than writing a boring resignation letter….


Having A Jerry Maguire Moment

You believe you can make a difference….just somewhere else that’s not at your current place at employment.  You are meant to lead and inspire….just not at this company.  So you quit and give a motivational speech. Who’s coming with me? WHO’S COMING WITH ME? DEMAND MEDIA DO YOU HEAR ME?




Moonwalking Your Way Out Of The Office

After you give your resignation to your boss, you get up, shaks hands, thank them for the opportunity, and then moonwalk your way out of the office. You’re freeeeeee! Check out my fancy moves —- as I leave forever.




Flipping Your Desk

Your boss approaches your desk and before they even open their mouth you flip  your desk over for all to see. Eff this! Not only are you quitting but you get to show off your Hulk-like strength.




Faking Your Own Death

You leave the office one day the same way you do everyday but never return.  You book a flight to some exotic island and live off the land (and margaritas).  Sigh.




Burning The Building Down

You’d make sure no one was in the building, of course. You’re not a monster! But oh, would it be satisfying to watch that place BURN.




Your Boss Gets Upset.

You resign and it’s more than your boss can bare.  They finally realize all that you’re worth and beg you not to go by crying, groveling, offering you riches.  And even after all of that, you still get up and leave.




The Sudden Change of Heart

Maybe you’re in a meeting and have to write the conference report, and the thought of writing just one more makes you want to take a scissor and stab yourself in the eye.  You realize that’s no way to live.  And then just get up, put on your coat, and never return.




Winning the lottery

You’re rich! You don’t need to work at this place any more! Just make sure you triple check your numbers to make sure you actually won before you start tap dancing on your desk.




Announcing it over the PA.

The bigger the crowd the better for when you quit. “Attention. Attention. I’m getting the fuck out of this hell hole. See you later suckers.”




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The only thing I like about it is a month of the boss trying to get me to change my mind.

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