9 Girls You Need To Be Following On Snapchat For Research Purposes

9 Girls You Need To Be Following On Snapchat For Research Purposes

Ready to do reasearch? got your notepad and redbull ready? gonna be an all nighter, you scientist you.

Demi Rose Mawby

Cody Khan

This is Cody…

It shouldn’t take much more to convince you guys on why you should add her on Snapchat.

Her IG account sadly just got deleted:

Jayde Nicole

Jayde Nicole is a Canadian model. She was Playboy′s Playmate of the Month for January.

Jayde is now transitioned more into the fitness model section of Instagram. So if you decide to add her on both sites, be ready for some FitTea ads.

Juli Annee

Juli Annee is a San Diego Model who was one of the first Instagram models I ever saw. When you see her, you will know why she is a great follow.

I mean just look at her! 

Miss Krislian

Another model who just appeared in the new G-Eazy music video.

Here is some of the magic you can expect from Krislian:

Stacey Robyn

Stacey Robyn aka Malibu Stacey is glamour model from London.

She also has a pornhub profile. You know why you should follow her.

Yuni Wilson

Yuni is a fitness lover, and a selfie lover. I am a lover of her Snapchat!

Amanda Cerney

You might recognize her from Vine. She has over 4 million Vine followers. Who knows how many of those people still open the app, but according to her IG profile, she is the “Queen of Snapchat”

I am sure a bunch of those 4 million followers have rushed over to Snapchat already to see Amanda:

Dannie Riel

The 27 year old is a model, she has also opened an online clothing store, named “Riel Brand Store”. She has also appeared in many TV shows.

Here is something crazy about Dannie… Her net worth is estimated to be $13 million dollars. Who said sex doesn’t sell!


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