People are gross, that’s pretty much a fact. But the line is crossed when people decide to be gross with the food you intend to eat, especially if the culprits are the people that are making said food. From meat sprayed down with bleach to blood-covered buns, the following stories are the grossest things fast food employees have done to food.

Secret Ingredient?
My professor worked at KFC when he was in college. They had a manager that did not like to throw out chicken. One day he told the manager the chicken was starting to go bad, when the manager said he’d take care of it…. he later saw his manager spraying down the meat with a bleach solution. Sure, regulations have changed..but how much? (Via rptwinkie)

Pizza Nuts
I used to deliver pizza for Pizza Hut. You get to memorize your regular’s addresses pretty quickly, and remember the very rude customers even better. Now I wasn’t above licking someone else’s food, but my co-worker decided to tea-bag a customer’s marinara sauce and burned his nut’s in the process. TL;DR Tea-Bagging marinara sauce, scolded testicles. (Via JerkMurphy)

Blame Jared
That sounds about like when I worked at Subway. The thing that would make me get queasy the most is when someone would order the “cold cut combo” (the three meats that are made out of turkey hearts, lips and assholes) and then add tons of extra mayo, then a lot of oil…and then microwave it. That’s just..wrong. (Via vibraslapchop)

I Guess They Weren’t “Lovin’ It”
Not my story, but one of my buddies used to cook the burgers at a McDonalds. He had a sudden nose bleed over all of the patties he was cooking and he rushed off to get some tissue. When he got back, the burgers were all missing as the manager had served them up. (Via oohJshine)

Come And Get It
One of the cooks threw a piece of chicken on the kitchen floor after the mats were pulled and cooked it up for a customer. (I know that those that have ever worked in a restaurant are cringing now).
At the same restaurant we had giant rubbermaid bins filled with coleslaw in the walk in cooler. After working there I could not even think about eating coleslaw for a long time. (Via wiredharpoon)

Extra Blood Please
I worked at Carls Jr. I cut myself once while chopping tomatoes. I was the only one around in the kitchen when buns were needed. So i just a sent a few and forgot I had a bloody hand. 🙁 IM SORRY (Via lorde_ofthephlies)

Little Bit Of Arm Hair With That?
First job was McDonalds, and the drive-thru is wrapped around the building. My manager comes to the back to help so he grabs the sauce gun and starts plastering the buns with their required condiment. He goes for the Big Mac sauce and the gun malfunctions, shoots Mac sauce up the side of his gorilla-like arms. He then proceeds to take the bun, and wipe the sauce off with it. He puts it back in the box and keeps going like nothing happened (Via OvverdoseofG)

Spit On The Side?
I used to work at an Applebees. Some chick complained her burger wasn’t cooked all the way so my manager in the back threw it on the ground, spit in it after cooking it for 30 seconds and she was satisfied. Never eating there again. (Via poopdikk)

Odd Choice Of Toppings
The worst thing I’ve ever done was when I used to work for a major pizza chain. We had a customer bitch out my CSR over the phone then proceed to come into our store and call her several unnecessary names. The poor girl that took her order cried for a solid 30 minutes because of this customer, so the next time they ordered I made sure to drop most of the toppings all over the floor and then put some old toppings I found in the bottom of the cooler on her pizza. Never heard about that customer again. You don’t fuck with fast food workers that don’t get paid enough to deal with your shit. (Via opaquenes)



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