9 Home Invasion Close Calls


The Georgia woman who shot at burglars who attempted to rob her


Surveillance video from inside a Gwinnett County, Georgia home shows a woman unloading bullets on three men who kicked in her front door.

The men come in, guns clearly in hand. Police said they were looking for cash when they met their match. As the group exchanged fire, debris flies, and one man runs through a glass door. Another died of his injuries in the driveway.


The boy who came face to face with a robber in his home


A South Florida boy hid in a bathroom while a man broke into his house and rummaged through various rooms.

Surveillance video shows the thief make his way through the home, stuffing laptops, passports, and jewelry into a backpack. At one point, he sees the boy and tells him to go back to his bedroom and stay there.

The boy called 911, but by the time police arrived, the man was gone.


The home intruder who let the homeowner’s dogs out for a bathroom break before shooting at the homeower


Almondo C. Martin, 29, broke into John Broderick’s Detroit home. When he came home for lunch, he found the intruder wearing pajamas and slippers and holding a pair of his sunglasses. Police said he had made himself at home, and even let Broderick’s dogs out for a bathroom break.

They chatted, then Broderick went for his 9 mm pistol, which was missing from its hiding spot. Figuring Martin had it, he left the residence. Martin fired several shots at him before Broderick made it safely to a neighbor’s house to call 911.

Police arrived to find Martin in the backyard — he tried to convince them that the home was his and that Broderick had tried to shoot and kill him, but that he used his fifth-degree black belt moves to disarm him. He has since been arraigned on charges of attempted murder, first-degree home invasion, felony and larceny firearm and resisting and obstructing a police officer.


The 10-year-old who saved her 7-month-old brother during a home invasion robbery


As a stranger tried to kick his way through the door and into their home, a 10-year-old girl grabbed her baby brother and ran.

Ximena Lara, and her brother, 7-month-old Daniel, escaped a close call that could’ve ended terribly.

The girl phoned 911. When police arrived, they found a man walking in the alley. His footprints in the mud matched the prints left on the door. The suspect, Vicente Araujo, is currently facing several charges in Jackson County, Kansas.


The robber who apologized to the homeowner during a robbery


An intruder apologized when he’s confronted by Melbourne homeowner Kevin Cameron, before fleeing empty-handed.

Cameron was asleep when the robber entered the dark house. “I heard noises, house, which woke me up and I could hear the stairs creaking,” he said. He confronted the man, who apologized before running out. Cameron gave chase into the backyard but decided against pursuing the man any further. He has since turned over the video to police and now sleeps with a shovel by his bed.


The robber who was stopped by an 11-year-old with a shotgun


An 11-year-old girl pulled out a shotgun to fend off a robber from a North Branch Township, Michigan home.

54-year-old James Wasson broke into the home, while the girl hid in a closet and grabbed a shotgun stored in a gun safe. She aimed the gun at the suspect (she and her dad are hunters), and he fled the home.

Wasson pleaded no contest to multiple counts of first-degree and second-degree home invasion, among 18 felony offenses connected to nine break-ins. He was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison and a maximum of 40 years in connection with the break-ins. His sentence includes more than $10,000 in victim restitution.


The 911 dispatcher and pre-teen who met after a home invasion robbery


Farhan Arshad, 12, was home alone when two men broke into his house in Riverside, California. He hid in the upstairs bathroom and called 911.

“I’m hearing people trying to open the windows, and I see them outside, the blinds are closed,” he told dispatcher Diane Howard. She told him if he heard the two men come up the stairs not to talk but she would stay on the phone with him. Sure enough, a few minutes later, the two men made their way upstairs. They stayed on the phone, in silence, for about 20 minutes until police arrived.

Howard and Farhan met in February 2016. Farhan got a full tour of the dispatch center, and the duo plans to stay in touch.


The nearly nude woman who broke into a house to play with a family’s dog and grab a bite to eat


Police said Stacey Lynn Fraser, 46, randomly walked into a Trenton, New Jersey home, played with the family’s dog and started cooking. She had no idea there was a 10-year-old boy upstairs.

The boy called 911 and said the home invader “sounded drunk.” He grabbed his BB gun and hid under a bed. In the meantime, the nearly nude woman put on his football jersey and tennis shoes, then went out to the backyard with the dog to jump on the trampoline.

Fraser was taken to jail in the football jersey. The boy got it back, and she was charged with home invasion first degree and given $50,000 bail.


The pre-teen whose crash course in safety helped her during a home invasion


12-year-old Caty Creed was by herself at home when she saw a man walk up to the front door.

“He rang the doorbell,” she said. “I just ignored it.” But he didn’t leave. Instead, he walked in through the front door.

Caty ran and hid. She called her dad, her mom, and the police, and then watched as the burglar made his way back to her father’s room. When he was out of sight, she “got up, opened the door, ran outside and hid behind a wall.”

The burglar got away with about $2,000 worth of items, but Caty survived without a scratch. As luck would have it, she had recently taken a class put on by Women’s Safety & Leadership Training.


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