9 Movies Set in the “Future” (Besides BTTF II)

Back to the Future 2 was set in Oct 2015 and is now part of the past. Check out this other movies set in the “future” and see what they got wrong here!

A Trip to the Moon

Year released: 1902
Set In: 2002
What they got right: Georges Méliès’s fantastical journey gets that men did land on the moon, but the last landing was in 1972, not 2002. The bullet-shaped capsule also splashes down to Earth at the end.
What they got wrong: The rockets were not shot out of a cannon and did not hit the Man in the Moon in the eye. Oh, and there is also no Moon King (that we know of). (Source)

2001: A Space Odyssey


Year Released: 1968
Set In: 2001
What they got right: Talking computers, video conferencing, iPads, and freeze-dried food.
What they got wrong: We’re still a ways off from commercial space flights and a 10-minute call from the moon to the Earth is likely to cost more than $1.90. (Source)


Year Released: 1956
Set In: 1984
What they got right: George Orwell’s 1949 book and subsequent film paint a dark world of the surveillance state and perpetual wars. Ronald Reagan, a former actor, was charismatic as “Big Brother.”
What they got wrong: [REDACTED] (Source)

Child’s Play 3

Year Released: 1991
Set In: 1999
Plot: Although it was released less than one year after Child’s Play 2, it takes place eight years later, when Andy is sent to military school and Chucky, the evil doll, returns to wreak more havoc.
What they got right: Chucky uses a computer search to find Andy.
What they got wrong: That anybody would like this installment of the franchise. (Source)

Escape from Los Angeles

Year Released: 1996
Set In: 2013
Plot: Snake Plissken is back to save the world in the first sequel to Escape from New York.
What it got right: Snake has a hologram projector, which he uses to save himself from assassination. Celebrity holograms are now going on tour in real life.
What it got wrong: There is no “Sword of Damocles” satellite that can destroy the power grid. (Source)

2010: The Year We Make Contact

Year Released: 1984
Set In: 2010
What they got right: The film accurately predicted Beijing would host the 2008 Olympics.
What they got wrong: Everything else.

Airplane 2: The Sequel

Year Released: 1982
Set In: The end of the 20th Century
What they got right: Naked body scanners at airports, endless Rocky sequels.
What they got wrong: The Space Shuttle has been mothballed, and we haven’t colonized the moon. (Source)

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

Year Released: 1972
Set In: 1991
What they got right: Police brutality, government surveillance, torture.
What they got wrong: Apes have not replaced dogs and cats as household pets. (Source)

Until the End of the World

Year Released: 1991
Set In: 1999
What they got right: GPS satellite tracking, Google glasses, cell phone obsession.
What they got wrong: A nuclear satellite has not fallen to Earth nor was one destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse.


9 Movies Set in the “Future” (Besides BTTF II)

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How do you know ‘There is no “Sword of Damocles” satellite that can destroy the power grid.’? There’s all sorts of shit the military have thrown up there.

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