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9 News Bloopers Where Anchors Absolutely Flip Out

9 News Bloopers Where Anchors Absolutely Flip Out


Anything can go wrong on live news, which means the hardest part of the job for those brave souls who sit in the anchor’s chair is remaining calm and collected no matter what happens. For the most part, they do an admirable job, but occasionally their emotions get the best of them. When that happens, the results are often viral gold. Here are some of the funniest flip-outs from the anchors and hosts of TV news programs.

F— it, I quit

After reporting on a story about a medical marijuana business in Alaska, KTVA reporter Charlo Greene resigned on the air, uttering the now famous exit line, “F— it, I quit.” Revealing that she was actually the owner of the business examined in the report, Greene later admitted that her live spectacle was a ruse to increase public support of medical marijuana. Nothing changes conservative voters’ minds like erratic behavior in connection with drug use, right?

John Brown has no love for the Kardashians
A lot of people dislike the Kardashians, but John Brown, one of the anchors of Good Morning Orlando, takes it to a new level. He literally walked off the set in protest of a story about them, but couldn’t help screaming his disapproval from off camera as his co-host tried to quickly get through the segment. “I don’t care about this family. I’m sick of this family. It’s a non-story!” he yelled…seemingly unaware he’d just made the entire thing into a huge story.

Anchors miss bridge implosion

Apparently a routine bridge implosion was the epic event two WGN Chicago anchors were banking on to be the highlight of their broadcast when, after waiting for several minutes for it to happen, they briefly cut away to the weather guy. Of course, this is exactly when the bridge fell, and the anchors lost their collective stuff. The female anchor pulled her hair and tore up note cards, while her co-anchor chewed one up and spit it out. It was played for laughs, but it was obvious they were disappointed. The best part is that just seconds before missing the shot someone said, “But the minute you turn from it, that’s when it will happen.” Too bad they weren’t doing a story on ESP.


Before he screamed at people for all kinds of reasons on The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly screamed at the crew of Inside Edition for one very specific infraction: the teleprompter. During one of the most amazingly awkward clips in internet history, O’Reilly is clearly running late for something when the teleprompter screws up multiple times, uncorking the host’s full fury and giving birth to the “F— it, we’ll do it live!” meme. To his credit, O’Reilly is still able to snap right into congenial host mode when he has to, which makes him either a consummate media professional or a frightening sociopath. Either way, the clip is a classic.

Jim Ryan vs. Dick Oliver

In any live interview that features a building manager and tenant giving their sides of a contentious construction project, you’d expect one of the interviewees to be at the highest risk of a freakout. But in this clip from Good Day New York, anchor Jim Ryan tears into chief reporter Dick Oliver, saying, “I’ll give you lessons on how to become a reporter later, Ollie,” when Oliver stumbles over a follow-up question for the tenant. But Oliver doesn’t take the comment lightly, firing back, “I’ll give you lessons on how to become an editor because I was your boss once.” It’s an amazing peek into the dynamic of a television newsroom, and also an epic old guy fight that could only have been improved with flying applesauce or bingo chips.

Piers Morgan does the British version of flipping out

In a gun control debate with two conservative gun rights advocates, Piers Morgan desperately tries for over five minutes to get one of them to agree with a single point of President Obama’s proposed gun control measures, to no avail. So what does he do? He gently crumples up his notes and tosses them aside while proclaiming “It makes me sick.” He very nearly raises his voice as well. There’s also a strong possibility that he later, in a clear sign of his extreme displeasure, served them tea with no crumpets whatsoever.

Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar walk off The View

Yep, Bill O’Reilly made the list twice—only this time, he’s the one who kept his cool while Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar freaked out and walked offstage after being offended by his remarks about 9/11. To their credit, they both came back after O’Reilly clarified his statements, but it was still an epic meltdown moment for a show whose entire formula is built on people arguing for an hour with the occasional cooking segment thrown in.

Bill Maher literally shoves audience member out the door

On Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill’s job as host is to discuss the highly contentious political topics of the day, so it’s never a surprise when emotions run high. For the most part, the debates take place among the panel guests, but on one show, protesters from the audience were so disruptive, Bill had to intervene. After several audible shouts, he rushes into the aisle as security is removing the audience member and helps shove the offending parties out the studio door. We’re guessing this is something a lot of live television hosts dream of doing at least once during every broadcast.

Anderson Cooper calls woman dreadful, can’t continue interview

Despite momentum established by the success of Anderson Cooper 360, Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, Anderson Live, couldn’t make it past two seasons. Maybe it’s because the anchor and host was stretched so thin for content he was forced to interview people like Sarah “Human Barbie” Burge, who, among other things, advocated shooting botox into a 15-year-old’s forehead to stop it from sweating. After trying to maintain some semblance of a dialogue with her, Cooper stops himself and says, “I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about…I try to be really polite to all my guests, I just think you’re really dreadful and I honestly don’t want to talk to you anymore.” That’s the last thing a trashy daytime talk host is supposed to do, especially with the kind of guest who could have covered topics like ‘Waist-training For Third Graders’ or ‘Breast Implants For A Bat Mitzvah Gift.’

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