things make women orgasm


Men are always trying to figure out the mysterious mind of the female. Much of that time is often devoted to things in the sexual area.  As in how can they have more of it and do it better.

So today when I ran across this video of nine things that can make women orgasm I thought that, perhaps, it might be of interest to our many male readers. I know the topic certainly is of interest to me.

Unfortunately not all of these nine things are practical tools we can use, but there is definitely enough here to at least give you a little more help when comes time to hit the sheets and really isn’t that all we want at this point? Just a little pointer in the right direction or some kind of edge to make things rock in the sack?

Spoiler list below the video for those who can’t watch right now…

1. Exercise
2. Nipples
3. The Brain
4. Labor (as in giving birth)
5. Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome
6. Parkinson’s Drugs
7. Thumb Sucking
8. Yawning
9. Breastfeeding

Of course, to find out the hows and why of these nine things that can cause women to orgasm you’ll actually have to watch the video. Definitely bookmark it for later if you can’t right now.




9 Orgasm Triggers For Women That You May Not Believe

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