9 People Who Somehow Managed To Make Tramp Stamps Even Trashier

These need some Jesus in their lives.

1 . Looks like someone has a fetish for professional bicyclists.


2 . I feel bad for actual whales being even remotely associated with this whale-tail.


3 . Doesn’t cancer have a bad enough reputation without you getting it tattooed on your ass crack?


4 . Fun fact: This was actually how Human Centipedestoryboarded the plot when pitching to movie executives.


5 . Oooh, a fart vending machine!


6 . Something tells me Jesus is less than pleased with how she chose to quote scripture. Also, he’s probably not impressed by the grammatical error.


7 . “Shorty got them apple-bottom bottoms, tattoos with no class”


8 . A dick might be your best friend, but obviously grammar isn’t.


9 . Mein trampf stampf!


Ok, enjoy gouging your own eyes out now!



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