Before you hit enter on Facebook you need to ask yourself something. Is this worth it? Am I going to look good or bad for posting this? Did I proofread? This girl skipped all those steps and just fired away at her ex.

This is one of the greatest parts of social media. People just airing out their dirty laundry for all of their closest friends to judge them on. Think about it, when you break up with a girl, what is one of the first things you have to do. Clear that shit off your FB so you can move on and get some new chicks.

This girl wanted to send a parting message along with trelationshiphip change.

I guess she failed to think about what others would think after she just ripped into someone over and over and over for being a big pile of shit.


It is amazing how much stuff you can find on Facebook just by searching stuff like. Baby mama drama. Cheating. Caught. Pissed off lover.

Look at some of these people who really need to just be banned from the internet. This shit needs to stay private!

If you think girl was aggressive wait until you get a load of this one. She sees nothing wrong here… Crazy.

What have I done….

Facebook is great at reminding you of all the good times you had. It can also remind you of the worst day of your life.

I don’t even have words for this sick f*ck

Some people don’t realize that they can’t go full racist on Facebook. You know, since it is linked to your personal page with all your personal info on it…

It is not just Facebook. These people are out there everywhere. Tinder:

Craigslist looking for people to smoke a little meth with.

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