What people loved about “Seinfeld” was its relatability factor. After all, much like the lives of the average viewer, it was about nothing, and hence, most of those nothing story lines had happened to all of us at some point. However, especially toward the end of its run, the show’s side and even main plots got completely ridiculous. Here are nine of the most “out there” scenarios that we loved every minute of.

Kramer Gets a Personal Intern
We’ll start this list off as normal as possible since the situations will only get more outlandish from here. In the Season 9 episode “The Voice,” Kramer randomly ends up with his own personal intern named Darin, whom he is able to obtain from New York University under the guise of his Kramerica Industries moniker. Long story short, while testing one of Kramer’s absurd inventions, a woman is crushed by a giant oil balloon. Kramer manages to then shift all the blame to Darin, who he says at the end of the episode will be “going away for a long, long time.” Damn, Kramer, that’s cold.

Jerry Engages with a Naked Dude on the Subway
If you live in New York City, perhaps seeing a naked guy riding the subway is just another day. But in the case of Jerry Seinfeld, an established neat freak and incredibly shallow man, it seems odd that he would strike up a friendship with the guy everyone else has avoided at the other end of the car in Season 3’s “The Subway.” Actually, it seems kind of strange that he’d even be riding the subway in the first place, but we’ll let that part slide considering the even more peculiar circumstances.

The Bottle Scam
In the grand scheme of all the nonsense contained in this list, you might be thinking that a scam involving taking bottles and cans across state borders for a profit seems not only halfway normal — especially by Kramer and Newman standards — but certainly not “out there” considering it might have even worked if Kramer hadn’t bailed on the plan to help Jerry. However, we included the two-part Season 7 plotline from “The Bottle Deposit” for topical purposes, as a Michigan man recently tried to work the very same scam. He’s now facing up to five years in prison.

“Melrose Place” Lie Detector Test
Here’s where the weirdness really starts to pick up steam. While we’ve surely all been caught indulging in a less than manly TV series, Jerry’s behavior — and his girlfriend’s, for that matter — in Season 6’s “The Beard” ventures into preposterous territory the moment he decides taking a lie detector test is acceptable to prove he doesn’t watch “Melrose Place.” What’s even more illogical is that he’s doing it just so his girlfriend won’t break up with him, something that has happened to him nearly 100 times at this point.

Kramer Fights Children
We’re guessing this one won’t be a very hard sell in the “this is crazy” department. The Season 8 premiere, “The Foundation,” has Kramer literally beating the crap out of kids in a beginners martial arts class. Along with being completely nuts, one has to wonder how Kramer even pulls these stunts off. Many episodes feature him getting into places with virtually no explanation, yet no one is asking questions about a suspicious-looking grown man hanging out with their children.

The Bizarros
“Hackneyed” would hardly be the word to describe “Seinfeld,” but in the case of the Season 8 episode “The Bizarro Jerry,” it fits. After all, it’s a little bizarre to see such an established comedy relying on the old “doppelgänger versions of characters” gimmick that nearly every show does as some point for laughs. We’re not saying it didn’t get the job done here, too; we’re simply pointing out that it’s a bit of a stretch better suited for comic books or cartoons.

Newman Tries to Eat Kramer
We’re not embellishing, either. In the Season 9 premiere, “The Butter Shave,” Newman literally tries to eat Kramer after he bastes himself in butter, cooks himself in the sun, then is accidentally covered in flour and oregano. Actually, all of that sounds about as preposterous as the whole cannibalism thing, so it clearly deserves to be here.

Jerry Digs Up a Dead Body
Keep in mind, this is years after an episode where Jerry may or may not have killed a man with laughter. As you probably already guessed, this is again a Season 9 plotline from the episode “The Strong Box.” While Jerry may have had a legit reason to dig up the corpse of his neighbor’s dead bird — it swallowed the key to a strong box containing some important cuff links — this is still not a relatable scenario in the least, and is played out solely for laughs. Not to mention the box ends up being unlocked the whole time, something you’d think he would have checked thoroughly first. Or, you know, just broken the lock.


Mr. Marbles
From deadly envelope glue to a court trial that somehow manages to track down every single person the core cast has ever wronged, there were several ways we could have gone for our final “out there” pick. At the end of the day, however, how could we not close up shop with Season 8’s “The Chicken Roaster,” an episode which ends with a living dummy running around Jerry’s apartment? While it was alluded to prior to the final kicker, you actually see the potentially villainous Mr. Marbles’ shadow in the final moments scampering about. If that’s not the strangest gag this show ever pulled off, then we’d love to hear your thoughts on what was in the comments.

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