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9 Stories Of “Revenge Reviews”

Husband leaves 5-star review where wife had affair

The Westgrove Hotel near Dublin, Ireland got a 5-star review, but not from the man who stayed there. Instead, it was posted by a cuckolded husband, who says his wife had an affair there with her boss.

“Wife and her boss enjoyed their room together so much that she stayed in bed with him until almost checkout. They were well rested after drinking at the bar and having sex…”

The man goes on to say that he is unsure of the value of their time spent since his credit card was charged, but reimbursed by the company they worked for. (Source)

Wedding party savaged by restaurant for bad review

A group of British women had a hen party at 47 King Street West and felt they were treated poorly. Several of the women went on TripAdvisor and left negative reviews, and the bride-to-be, Melissa Grogan-Morton, took to social media to say that while the “food was fab”, the service was awful and left a long, detailed post of her grievances. But what got her knickers in a twist was the tirade left as a series of comments by 47 King Street West, calling the party “bottom of the barrel” and “cheap trash” among other insults. After the post and thread had gone viral, the owner said the manner was dealt with internally. (Source)

Negative reviewer fired for heartless post

Sometimes a snarky review can seriously backfire on the reviewer. Holly Jones, a hairdresser from Indianapolis, IN posted a scathing review of her New Year’s Eve experience on Kilroy’s Bar N Grill’s Facebook page. She accused them of allowing a junkie to overdose on their property and said their helping a dying person “made us feel like our business didn’t matter.”

It turned out it wasn’t a junkie, but an elderly woman who had a heart attack. This information was explained by the manager in the reply to Jones’ rant, who called her “cold hearted and nasty” and said he “wouldn’t lose a second of sleep” if she and her party never came back. The post went viral, and people began to lash out at Jones on her Facebook page, and gave negative reviews to the salon where she worked. A week after the incident, she was fired. (Source 1 |Source 2)

Beatle fans spar over Abbey Road TripAdvisor review

Diehard Beatle fans are in an uproar about negative Abbey Road reviews. (The landmark, not the record.) To many Beatlemaniacs, seeing the intersection where the Fab Four crossed for the cover of their 11th studio album is a must-do on a visit to London. However, there are some disgruntled tourists who have written on TripAdvisor that they were disappointed with the stop, noting that it could be a zebra crossing anywhere and that there was no merch for sale. The hilarious back and forth continues with every new review. (Source 1 | Source 2)

Chinese restaurant proves negative reviewer lied

A Chinese restaurant named Wonderful (located in Millbrae, California) got sweet revenge on a customer’s negative Yelp review by providing video evidence that he lied. Dan W. claimed that the restaurant refused to seat him because he was dressed in jeans and was a party of one. However, the intrepid son of the owner scanned the surveillance camera and found footage showing that Dan had only stood inside for a mere 22 seconds and spoke to no one. He posted the videos on their website under the heading “No, the customer is not always right.” and the expose went viral. Yelp eventually deleted the review. (Source)

Restaurant has perfect response to negative review

Some restauranteurs have mastered the art of the social skewer, with just the perfect mix of sarcasm and professionalism. Such is the case with Voltaire, a restaurant that received a scathing Yelp review from a customer unhappy with their no takeout policy, who claimed to be in a business meeting nearby with her lawyer husband and “starving.” Not only did owner William G. politely explain their “no takeout” policy is clearly listed on the very Yelp page she wrote her review but went on to describe her less than civil exchange with his staff. Finally, in the ultimate takedown, he likened her “take out” request to a woman asking a tax lawyer to help her with a divorce. Bazinga! (Source)

Hotel fines $500 per negative review

How do you stop negative reviews? Well, you could be nice to customers, or do what the Union Street Guest House attempted to do – threaten them with a $500 fine for every negative review on social media. “…If you have booked the inn for a wedding or other type of event . . . and given us a deposit of any kind . . . there will be a $500 fine that will be deducted from your deposit for every negative review . . . placed on any internet site by anyone in your party,” the booking policy on the hotel’s website read.

The Internet got wind of it, causing many Yelpers to review Union Street Guest House with 1-star even if they never stayed there. The hotel removed the language from their web page and claimed it was a bad joke gone awry. (Source 1 | Source 2)

Restaurant owner creates dating profile of negative reviewer, sends suggestive emails

Marisol leaving court

If you own a restaurant, and someone writes a bad review, you can apologize or defend yourself – but don’t do like Marisol Simoes. After Eleyna Katz had posted a negative review of a Canadian restaurant Ms. Simoes owned, Marisol began a deliberate plan to ruin Ms. Katz’ life. She created fake dating profiles under Katz’ name and even emailed Katz’ boss pretending to be Kher. In these emails, she suggested Katz was transgender and into kinky sex. For two and a half years this harassment continued, and a Canadian court later found Marisol guilty of criminal libel. (Source 1 | Source 2)

Bar/Restaurant plays recordings of negative reviews over bathroom speakers

Arsulan Tafazoli co-owner of Craft Commerce

Finally, we’ll leave you with perhaps the most creative response to negative reviews yet — turning them into spoken word. The Craft Commerce Bar in San Diego decided to make lemonade out of lemons by having every negative review posted on Yelp read aloud and recorded. Then, the recordings were piped into the bathroom loudspeakers on a repeating loop. Co-owner Arsulan Tafazoli said that the reaction from customers has been “awesome.” (Source)


9 Stories Of “Revenge Reviews”

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