9 Strange ‘Fallout 4’ Mods To Try If You Want To Make The Wasteland Weird


We pretty much haven’t stopped playing Fallout 4 since it dropped on us months ago like a wonderful, wonderful nuke, but still, something is missing. Sure, some might say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but if the solution is damn near breaking the game for the express purpose of silliness, then I say FIX AWAY. Here are five of the weirdest Fallout 4 mods!


FartOut 4


This special mod speaks to the inner child in all of us, replacing each and every syllable a specific character says with good old flatulence. On paper, it seems overly simple and juvenile, and well, okay, I guess that’s fair, but whatever. When you’re hearing people in the middle of the apocalypse responding to farts as if they were well thought out, eloquently spoken thoughts and ideas, your standards for what is hilarious suddenly get much lower.


Teddy Nukes


Not since Dr. Strangelove has so much hilarity and levity been culled from nuclear warheads! In this cuddly little mod, you can replace these death-bringers with lil’ Paddingtons and make utter destruction that much cuter.


Fox Fursuit


While some Fallout 4 mods let you look like Darth Vader or Deadpool, this one just changes an existing outfit and gas mask into a “furry” suit. The result is less like you’re an anthropomorphic fox, and more like you’re a dedicated cosplayer, trying his best in a world ravaged by nuclear war. If your dream is to play a Furry during the apocalypse, it’s not a bad choice.


Shaun is the antichrist

This mod simply takes little baby Shaun, and makes him utter sounds of unimaginable horror. Is it really worse than normal baby crying?


Cadbury Mod


In the wasteland, you end up eating lots of nasty things to survive, but with this mod, you cross over into TRULY disgusting territory, thanks to the foily texture maps of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Yeesh, if this is the kind fo treats we can hope to find in the apocalypse, maybe those nukes aren’t so bad after all…


Troll Baby


With this mod, you can constantly feel like you’re being “cool story”’d by your own progeny. Every time you look down at that cherubic, precious little face, the only thing you’ll be able to hear is “U MAD?” And there is something gloriously infuriating about that.


Decapodian Mirelurks


Looking for new skin for your mirelurks? Why not Zoidberg? This mod changes the Commonwealth’s deadliest crustaceans into everyone’s favorite doctor from Futurama. There’s a sound pack you can download too, in case you really want to whoop whoop whoop it up.


Dancing around The Wasteland

The description of this mod simply reads: “this mod replaces the hand to hand power attack animation (without weapon) with a very long dance.” That’s what it does!


Replace the Moon


So many mods, so many moons. You can get a little subtle with your modding with this, unless you’re using the screaming Rick & Morty moon. My favorite, though? Well, he’s a ubiquitous fellow. He hangs in the sky, watching all of your shenanigans and goings-on, and HIS NAME IS JOHHHHHN CEEEEEENA! *ba bada baaaaaaaaaaa*


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