9 Struggles All Lazy People Know to Be True

I know I’m supposed to write something here, but I’m feeling really lazy. Honestly, I’m probably going to take a nap immediately after I finish this. My bed is calling my name! Is this enough words for an intro? I hope so. Maybe I should fill in a few more sentences. Watermelon cantaloupe watermelon cantaloupe watermelon cantaloupe.Perfect. If you’re lazy like me, than you’re all too familiar with these struggles:


You’re easily exhausted

struggle lazy do something yesterday

You would get more stuff done, but you’re too gosh darn tired! Those energizer bunny people who always have a pep in their step bug you to death.


Working out is not gonna happen

do nothing amy schumer lazy

Working out means pain, sweat, and feeling bad about your lack of upper body muscle. NO THANKS. You’d rather do things you’re good at, like sleeping and eating.


You’re hungry but you don’t want to cook

sloth lazy hungry eating

Your stomach is starting to rumble but you can’t be bothered to chop, boil, or bake. Guess you’ll order delivery again (and even that seems like a lot of work). It’s all you can do to bring the food to your mouth. Come to think of it, maybe you should hire someone to do that for you.


You’d be really successful if you’d just follow through.

lazy sloth productive potential

Your teachers say that you’re smart but you “don’t apply yourself”. Your homework is left until the last minute, and when you actually do it you like to make a big scene about it. “Hey look, everybody. I’m doing school work. Give me a medal or something.”


Getting to a remote once you’ve sat down down on the couch is impossible.

reach for remote lazy struggle

All you want to do is relax. Is that too much to ask?! Now you have to do what is basically the equivalent of a squat and get up to get the remote. If you wanted that, you would have went to the gym! Yeesh.


Personal Hygiene seems too hard to keep up with

simpson eating pizza shower hygiene lazy

Ughhhhhhhh… washing and conditioning your hair? And then SHAVING?! No thanks. You actually like your own body odor, so it works out.


Getting up after you’ve gotten into bed is not going to happen

phone lazy bed reach

You might have forgotten to brush your teeth. You might have left the light on. You might have to pee. BUT THERE IS NO WAY YOU’RE GETTING OUT OF YOUR BED.


Even figuring out what to watch on Netflix seems like too much work

cad deciding netflix what to watch lazy struggle

How many times do you have to push that button on the remote until you find something good to watch? Seems like a million. Too bad Netflix hasn’t come up with an algorithm to know exactly what you’ll be wanting to binge on. THANKS, OBAMA.


Things keep getting in the way of your naps

trying to sleep cup lazy struggles

Naps are love. Naps are life. Yet SOME PEOPLE (i.e. moms, pets, sisters, brothers, friends) keep getting in the way. They don’t understand the depths of your laziness. “WHO DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER?!”


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