9 Things Everyone Does When Their Internet Isn’t Working


9 Things Everyone Does When Their Internet Isn’t Working

There is nothing as frustrating as the internet being down. Just think, if the internet wasn’t working, you wouldn’t be able to read this right now. How awful would that be?! The sense of human connection that is rushing over you as you read these words would be absent from your life. You deserve better than that. As our founding fathers once said, “You gotta have wifi, man.” Here’s the completely agony everyone feels when their internet isn’t working:


You think it can’t be true

cant take away wifi no internet

The internet. Your lifeline. The blood that rushes through your veins. There’s no way it’s stopped working. Maybe if you just wait a second, it will come back.


You restart your device

restart robot peter dinklage

That’s what they always tell you, right? Turn it off and on? THAT WILL FIX IT! You turn off everything you can think of — your computer, your router, your printer, your lamp. MAYBE SOMETHING WILL WORK. Then you wait, turn them back on, and see that nothing has changed. Your blood starts to boil.


You take your frustration out on your device

computer not working no internet monkey

It’s not your device’s fault per say, but it’s what’s going to take the brunt of your anger. (It’s kind of like how your parents take their problems out on you. Too soon?) You’ll type on your keyboard with all kinds of anger, you’ll throw your phone on your bed, you’ll slam your laptop closed… as long as you don’t hurt the device, you’re going to make it feel bad for what you’re going through right now.


“Why is this happening to me?!”

tom hanks frustrated computer internet

Out of all the people in the world, why you? You have so many memes to post and videos to watch. YOU’RE DOING IMPORTANT THINGS.


You pout

cat sad in corner internet down

It’s not fair. It really isn’t. Having working internet is a basic human right, like freedom or the pursuit of happiness.


You try and figure out what to do with your time

things to do while the internet is down

Okay, you can’t be on the internet. That leaves… what, exactly? You haven’t done a non-internet activity in years. I guess you could clean your room? *runs into the wall screaming*


Maybe you take a look at your surroundings

what kind of bird is this butterfly

“Ah, yes. Nature. What is it we humans call that ball up in the sky? The sun? Fabulous. Simply superb.” *checks to see if internet is back on* “WHY, GOD, WHY??!!”


You’re basically on a deserted island

castaway tom hanks funny cooking

Honestly, you’re feeling in touch with your caveman ancestors. Like them, you’re trying to survive in an untamed world fraught with peril.


You tell yourself everything will be fine

internet not working okay

You don’t need the internet to survive. You’re fine. You’re fine. Like Beyoncé, you’re a fighter who will stick it out until the end.


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