9 Things Women Secretly Hate When Men Hit On Them

1. Making her approach you.

“I’m interested in her but don’t feel like getting rejected. I’ll wait until she comes over here.”

If you are an extremely attractive man, a female will be too nervous to approach you. If you are an average looking dude, she will have no motivation to come up to you. If you are pretty hard on the eyes, she will not even notice you’re there. It’s your job to initiate conversation with her.

2. Not looking at her tits.

“I don’t want to offend her so I’ll keep consistent eye contact.”

If a girl is wearing a revealing shirt, she probably wants you to look at her boobs. Don’t listen to the reverse psychology people tell you.

3. Keep your face at a safe distance.

“I’m going to make this moment as romantic as possible by leaning in too close.”

If she can taste what you had for dinner as you’re telling her about your pet cats, the closeness you are to her face is definitely creeping her out.

4. When you’re too drunk to dance, sit down.

“She needs to see my moves on the dance floor.”

No, no she doesn’t. If she is stone cold sober and you are six drinks deep, the dancing idea is a public embarrassment for her.

5. Quit talking about your dick.

“I’m going to make sure she knows I like to have a good time by using consistent sexual references.”

That’s not a turn on. She immediately thinks you’re a creep with a sex addiction which makes seeing your Johnny the last thing she wants.

6. Persistence is not key.

“She doesn’t seem interested, but if I keep trying I can force her into changing her mind.”

Who taught you that this was OK?! Would you rather be known as a man that can take rejection and move on or as a parasite that will never leave girls alone? If you can’t swoon her in one shot, let it go. She probably wasn’t listening anyways.

7. Stop stroking your own ego.

“I am going to impress her by talking about myself and all my accomplishments.”

How far does talking too much about yourself get you? If you’re on a road headed to another town where the girl isn’t, then you’re in good shape. Females like to feel like you’re interested in them, so try asking her questions instead of babbling about yourself.

8. Being too aggressive.

“I’m going to show her just how manly my man card is.”

She gets that you can crush beer cans on your head and win a fight with the bouncer — but that doesn’t mean you need to execute them.

9. Asking her back to your place is asking for failure.

“We’ve been having a good time for the past four minutes so I think I’ll attempt to take her back to my place.”

Come on, are you really that desperate? Reminding a woman of Bill Cosby is a terrible approach.


One reply on “9 Things Women Secretly Hate When Men Hit On Them”

The first two are ridiculously stupid! I’ve never had a problem going over to a man I find attractive: what’s wrong with a woman owning her own sexuality/attractions? If it ‘scares off’ the man, I’d not want to have anything to do with him, anyway.
And I could not give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut if a man wasn’t checking out my tits… I would get mad if he didn’t look me in eyes at all, though. Seeing a man check out my rack AND maintain eye contact, for the most part, is the best mix.

I agree with all the rest.

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