The 9 All-Time Most Annoying Reality Show Contestants

The 9 All-Time Most Annoying Reality Show Contestants


While reality TV can still make us feel the dreaded feelings, it’s not exactly like real life. So let’s hope you never meet the following reality show stars in REAL LIFE, because while they’re awful onscreen, imagine how awful they’d be in reality. Here are the all-time most annoying contestants that have been on reality shows.

Richard Hatch, Survivor Season 1

If you hate how cutthroat and manipulative and obnoxious Survivor became, blame Richard Hatch. The guy pioneered the evil genius strategy on Survivor’s first season, and the genre’s been poisoned ever since.

Gretchen Jones, Project Runway Season 8

Project Runway is always loaded with annoying participants; ever since Christian Siriano won and became a star because of his flamboyant personality, it seemed like people were doing this in the hopes of getting a talk show as opposed to a fashion line. Gretchen, though, was annoying in an incredibly boring way — she wasn’t very good, but she for some reason was never eliminated. Then, in one of the worst reality competition decisions ever, she won the whole thing over a contestant who viewers loved. She will live in infamy.

Tommy Walton, MasterChef Season 6

Yet another guy who was 90 percent personality, 10 percent talent, Tommy Walton is like 50 years old — way too old to still be walking around with this look. I’m not saying don’t live your truth, but I am saying we all gotta age our hairstyle as time goes on.

Everyone, Are You the One Season 3

Season three of Are You the One had a cast so full of terrible, abusive people that I refused to finish watching it. And I am obsessed with this show. The behavior the producers let these people get away with… my god. Emotional abuse, punching holes in walls, over turning tables! God help us all…

Gio, Are You the One Season 4

Did you see everything that I wrote about the cast of Are You the One season three? Well, if you distilled all that down to just one person, you would have Gio from season 4. On multiple occasions the crew had to leap onto him, restraining him from physically assaulting someone (often one of the female cast members). Also, he was a classic idiot from Connecticut, one of America’s most low-key bad states.

Bentley Williams, The Bachelorette Season 7

The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is already famously disgusting; the people they cast are top to bottom caricatures of how actual human beings behave. But Bentley Williams was the worst of the worst — he ended up voluntarily leaving the show because the producers found out he had literally zero attraction for the Bachelorette, and was there to promote his business and maybe have a few laughs. Also, his name is Bentley.

Jon Gosselin, Jon & Kate Plus 8

Boy, Jon Gosselin’s rise to fame was similar to what what happens to child stars — it broke him mentally and ruined his life, and now his addiction to fame has him working as like a line cook at Hooters, or something? Anyway, he was fine on Jon & Kate Plus 8, but once he started wearing Ed Hardy t-shirts and being the “celebrity guest DJ” at very low grade clubs, well, he earned his spot on this list.

Puck, The Real World: San Francisco

Honestly, just look at this guy. In what universe would he not be one of the most annoying people in the history of television? Plus, Puck was a bigot to an absurd degree, so I honestly can’t come up with one redeeming quality for this guy.

Spencer Pratt, Celebrity Big Brother 11

God help us if this guy ever manages to get back in the spotlight. God help us.


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