9 Times The Movie Trailer Was Better Than The Actual Movie

9 Times The Movie Trailer Was Better Than The Actual Movie


Movie trailers are supposed to advertise a movie, but really they’re pieces of art on their own. Trailers are great because they’re basically short movies that fill you with hope for the future. You’re like, “dang, I gotta stay alive until April when that movie comes out!” But sometimes the trailers are way better than the movies themselves. Here are nine trailers I would watch over and over… for movies that I definitely wouldn’t.


1) Prometheus

I was SO goddamned pumped to see Prometheus, all the way through the first half of the movie. There’s a lot of promise here, until you realize that nothing is going to happen, they’re just going to rely on cheap scares, and you’re never going to find out why that alien dude killed himself at the waterfall. Rewatching this trailer almost makes me forget what a disappointment the movie was. It’s like someone came up with a really exciting premise and then forgot that that isn’t the only thing you need.


2) Aeon Flux

I saw the trailer for Aeon Flux when I was a kid and I was like “DAMN this is gonna be TIGHT! Mom, take me to this movie, please! We have to get to the theater early just in case they sell out!” Then we went and saw it and the main thing we were all left with was “wow that was weird.” Admittedly, now re-watching the trailer, Aeon Flux does not look very good, but the ’00s were a different time.


3) Star Wars: Episode I

Everyone and their mom thought Star Wars: Episode I was going to be the greatest movie ever made. As a Star Wars-loving kid who was insanely excited for this movie and waited hours in a giant line to get in, I was pretty surprised when about 20 minutes into the movie I was like, “oh no… I think this is not very good.”


4) Cowboys & Aliens

When I saw the trailer for Cowboys & Aliens, I thought it was going to be the best movie ever. With a 44% on Rotten Tomatoes, though, it’s not. Why wasn’t this the best movie ever? The trailer looks so great.


5) Where the Wild Things Are

The trailer made it look like Where the Wild Things Are was going to change your life. The movie, however, didn’t pack the same punch. Maybe this story is best left to our imagination.


6) The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring‘s trailer is insane and badass and the movie is totally decent. This movie could have made us all look at ourselves and our obsession with celebrity culture and our own image, but instead it just made us cringe at stuck-up rich kids. Emma Watson’s ridiculous accent is still the best, though.


7) John Carter

I’m still confused as to why John Carter wasn’t good. The trailer looks killer. I guess audiences don’t like old-timey action mixed with space things? That’s too bad, because this trailer is basically what my wet dreams look like.


8) Godzilla

I was so blown away by this Godzilla trailer I was like, “I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO WAIT UNTIL MAY, I WILL DIE WAITING!!!” And I did like the movie, but not enough to die for it. There was a little bit too much family drama that I could not give a sh*t about. I needed like twice the Ken Watanabe, half the Elizabeth Olsen.


9) Sucker Punch

The problem with Sucker Punch is that it’s a two hour long trailer. So the trailer looked awesome and then when people actually saw the movie they were like, “really? This is it?”


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