9 Tinder Cheaters Who Got Publicly Shamed By Their Exes

Left swipes all around.
1. Body armor won’t protect you from a woman scorned.

2. Busting dad is a family affair.

3. Don’t get Maddie, get even.

4. You don’t have to turn on the red light.

5. At least she’s not picky when it comes to cheating.

6. Hopefully enough time to cancel the caterer.

7. Sure, but how tall is he?

8. He probably isn’t a chipmunk either.

9. He’s a real potty mouth.



One reply on “9 Tinder Cheaters Who Got Publicly Shamed By Their Exes”

Pathetic people.

The cheaters especially. Also the ones cheated against. Bunch of losers.
Tinder is for losers.

Humiliating them is a waste of time. When you commit so much to try to hurt other people, even when they deserve it, you are pathetic.

Bottom line is…
When you s#it talk your ex, who you have spent a big chunk of your life with, you are telling us that you are sad, insecure, and don’t deserve any better.

Show your friends that you are confident and just move on. Don’t worry about impressing the internet. Online life is not real life…just a waste of time.

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