9 Weird Naked Events

9 Weird Naked Events


World Naked Bike Ride (Worldwide)

Thousands of cyclists in 70 cities across the world shed their clothes over a weekend in June 2017 to take part in the World Naked Bike Ride. The dress code for the event was “bare as you dare,” and full or partial nudity was encouraged.

The annual event hopes to draw attention to the vulnerability of cyclists on the road while protesting against the dangers of the car-obsessed culture in cities.


Sydney Dance Company’s Nude Performance (Australia)

Australia’s Sydney Dance Company has performed an all naked event in front of a nude audience.

As part of the Sydney Festival in January 2017, the dance company performed choreography inspired by the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ summer show Nude: Art from the Tate Collection. With ticket sales selling slowly, “nude-only” shows were added to the bill and seats sold out within a day.

The show, choreographed by Rafael Bonachela, catered to nudists, or audience members brave enough to bare all. The only rules—no clothes and you had to be over 18. (Source)

Bathhouse Classes (Japan)

The Hinodeyu public bathhouse in Tokyo’s Taito Ward holds a once a month “Hadaka no Gakko” (naked school) and invites its regulars and locals as lecturers to teach classes as they soak in the buff.

The idea for the event came from the fourth-generation owner of the bath, Yuichi Tamura, 36, as an effort to preserve the culture of the public bathhouse for the next generation. Tuition for classes is included in the price of using the bath (about ¥‎460), and class registration can be carried out on the school’s Facebook page. (Source)



Summer of Love Parade (U.S.)

Nude revelers celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love with a parade in San Francisco’s Castro district in May 2017.
Wacky hats graced the heads of many participants, but that was the only item of clothing to be seen, with the exception of the fully clothed passersby and citizen photographers.

The event was organized by nude activist Gypsy Taub, one of the figures on the forefront of the opposition to San Francisco’s nudity ban, which was enacted in 2012. Taub gave a speech to the small crowd, officially dedicating the festivities to the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and the “spiritual awakening of unprecedented proportions” it ushered into San Francisco. (Source | Photo)

Naked Guys Reading Feminist Literature (Canada)

Originally founded in Chicago, Naked Girls Reading features women, sans clothing, reading to an audience in an empowering move to prove women can be both smart and sexy.

Organizer Keely Kamikaze said some men approached her after the shows who stated that they wanted a body-positive event for their gender as well. So, she and some participants held one in Calgary in May 2017. The event promoted body positivity among men while also supporting their female counterparts. (Source)

LUST Dungeon Party (U.S.)

On June 16, 2017, the wicked-hot dinner party LUST returns to Brooklyn. LUST offers guests the chance to eat meals entirely off of nude models, strip down in “sensual lounge areas,” drip wax on human candelabras, and party with a crew of “lascivious ladies and sexy man slaves.” The event comes from the mind of performance artist Abby Hertz, and though it’s guaranteed to get freaky, Hertz assures that it’s strictly above the belt—any non-consensual play will get you kicked out. (Source)

Lush Cosmetics “Get Naked” Day (U.S.)

In May 2017, Lush Cosmetics asked its employees to show up naked to make a point about the environment. Around 100 people nationwide participated, wearing only their sneakers and black work aprons, emblazoned with “Get Naked.” On an Instagram post showing several nearly nude workers, Lush said its “brave lushies across North America (voluntarily) stripped down to shed light on the detrimental impact of over-packaging.”

The company has been asking its employees to show up in the buff one day a year for the past decade. The event is “completely voluntary” for employees to participate or not. (Source)

Sydney Skinny Swim (Australia)

1,335 naked swimmers bared all as they joined the fifth annual Sydney Skinny ocean swim in March 2017.

Participants leaped into the sea with abandon at Cobbler’s Beach for the “spectator free” session in the water. All the money raised from ticket sales went to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. (Source)

Body Notes (U.S.)

“Body Notes”—a free event created by artists Andy Golub and Matthew Chavez—features over 100 nude participants in Times Square covered in body paint. The event is a combined effort from the artists that precedes next month’s fourth annual New York City Bodypainting Day. Hundreds of people stopped to photograph nude models of all shapes and sizes who helped spread the artists’ messages of acceptance and body positivity. (Source)

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