9 Words Most People Pronounce Wrong

Language can be funny, and mispronouncing it can be even funnier. But it’s best to know how to say a word correctly before you use it front of the class, at a job interview, or during your press conference at the White House. Here are words you probably aren’t saying right:

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nuclear test explosion

Often Mispronounced As: Nuke-you-luhr

Should be: New-clear

Problem: Perhaps made most famous by President George W. Bush, this vocal misstep is so common that many people have insisted it be accepted as an alternative pronunciation, which will only result in everyone saying, “I need to do research at the lie-berry”.


arctic circle ice

Often mispronounced as: Ar-tic

Should be: ArK-tic

Problem: This also happens sometimes to Antarctica (“Ant-ar-tica”), perhaps because we think anyone at the poles is too cold or too busy wondering what the hell they’re doing there to notice anyone rushing through the word.


cup of espresso

Often Mispronounced As: Expresso

Should be: Es-press-oh

Problem: “Expresso” sounds like “express”, making us think this is the fastest cup of coffee available (either because of the caffeine jolt or fact the cup is so small you’re done drinking it before you get your change from buying it).


Superman the Wedding Album

Often Mispronounced As: Nup-shoe-ul

Should be: Nup-shul

Problem: The correct pronunciation is thrown off by the letter “t”, and anyone who uses the word probably being nervous because marriage is a huuuuuge commitment!


Bob’s Burgers sweating

Often Mispronounced As: Press-pyre

Should be: Purse-pyre

Problem: “Prespire” makes it sound like “prior to sweating”, which is commonly known as “being dry”.


bowl of rainbow sherbet

Often Mispronounced As: Sher-burt

Should be: Sure-bit

Problem: While “sherbert” just sounds better than “sher-bit”, it also sounds like an ’80s arcade game character that has to make it through a floating pyramid before it melts.


Joey in friends saying supposably

Often Mispronounced As: Suppose-UB-lee

Should be: Suppose-ED-lee

Problem: You say this wrong and you sound like Cletus from The Simpsons.


Roger running a marathon in American Dad

Often Mispronounced As: Try-ath-UH-lon

Should be: Try-ath-lon

Problem: The competition is long enough without adding an extra vowel sound to it.


Ralph Wiggum I’m learnding

Often Mispronounced As: Pro-NOUNCE-see-ay-shun

Should be: Pro-NUN–see-ay-shun

Problem: Yes, the word that is at the very crux at all the problems on this list is itself often said wrong. There’s no “noun” in this word — pronunciation is not a person, place, OR thing.

What words do you mispronounce? Let us know in the comments below!


9 Words Most People Pronounce Wrong      


2 replies on “9 Words Most People Pronounce Wrong”

Hmm, enough said. there are some quite tricky words, but those are not on the list.

Aren’t these just Ahmurycain mispronunciations of English words?

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