They say that looking at a person’s art is like looking into their mind, but what if they’re a super fucked-up individual?

“Hello, have you heard of our Lord and Savior? No? Oh, well, can I just eat your face, then?”

This painting is somehow made scarier when you realize the monster is wearing a Turtleneck sweater. Henry Lee Lucas, the painter of this beautiful creation, reveled in being a serial killer, and is thought to have killed anywhere from 15-600 people. (Thanks for narrowing it down, detectives.)

Serial Killers + Clowns = Eternal Nightmares

Depending on how much you fear clowns on their own, this picture doesn’t really do a lot in the freak-out department, or give much of an indication as to whether or not the artist is crazy. But when you consider that the painter, John Wayne Gacy, was a convicted serial killer who had murdered 33 teenage boys, it starts to look pretty fucked up. Oh, his alter ego was “Pogo the Clown” who worked charity events and birthday parties for kids. Have fun trusting any party performer for the rest of your life.


Shut the hell up duck, we know who drew you.

Keith Hunter Jesperson was a media-hungry serial killer who strangled 8 women to death and loved drawing cutesy-looking cartoons. He boasted that he had murdered 160 people, and, in an attempt to garner more attention, would sign off his letters to the press with smiley faces. I’m suddenly not so excited for the Howard The Duck reboot anymore


Beezlebub’s throwing up some hardcore gang signs right here.

This charming work of art was done by Richard Ramirez, aka the “Night Stalker” who murdered 14 people and most of them in the Cecil Hotel, which has its own messed up history. Ramirez was a staunch Satanist and exceedingly brutal when it came to his murders: he plucked out the eyes of one of his victims and put them in her jewelry box. You know, in case she had trouble finding them later.


Her peripheral vision must really suck…

 This charming piece of art was painted by Alfred Gaynor, who raped and killed 9 women in Springfield, Massachusetts. The worst part? Some art galleries feature his work today, not knowing his messed up past.


OK, I’m pretty sure this is a Yes album cover.

This trippy piece of art was crafted by Arthur Shawcross, who, in addition to having a last name that sounds like it was completely made up as he was on the phone and saw a copy of the Shawshank Redemption and a cross hanging on the wall, Arthur killed 14 people, two of whom were children. The worst part? 12 of his murders came after he was paroled. He only served 14 years for his two convicted murders.


The Nazi Flower Vase

It might look like a perfectly innocuous flower vase, but, if you look closely, you can see lines of Anti-Semitic hatred and plans for global domination in every brush stroke. That’s right, this beauty was painted by Adolf Hitler himself.  For probably the most-hated man in history, his artwork was pretty commonplace. If only he stayed in art school.


Looks like Nazis had kiddie tables too.

Another Hitler creation, though probably my least favorite piece. It’s kind of strange to think that a guy like him just wanted to paint en empty living room.


OK, Hitler the man was bad. But Hitler the artist

OK, not for nothing, but this Hitler painting is pretty good piece of art with some great attention to detail. You could easily find this hung up in your hotel bedroom. I’m not sure what Courtyard Marriott’s policy is for decorating with artwork by horrible dictators, though.



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