90-Seconds Is All It Takes To Show Why All Fashion Mags Are Complete B.S.

High-end retouching boutique Rare Digital Art reveals just how much work it takes to be a model. And by “work” I mean “hours of Photoshopping.”
In the eye-opening video, RDA demonstrates the 6 hours of editing required to make a single photo magazine-ready.

Source: youtube.com

Everything–from blemishes and neck thickness to flyaway hairs and finger size–about the model is enhanced. And in some cases, completely altered.

It’s an incredible peek behind the curtain of the fashion world…one that makes you realize just how “flawed” all of those “flawless” models are before they’re “fixed” in Photoshop.

Source: youtube.com

“I know that most people viewing advertising are aware of the skin retouching and body shaping, but I wanted to show some of the other little things that they probably didn’t realize were being done,” Elizabeth Moss, founder and head retoucher of RDA, told Distractify in an email.

She went on to explain that not all retouching is designed to make the model look better than real life. Sometimes, her company is hired to “add pores to models with skin that is deemed too perfect in it’s natural state, and therefore unrealistic.”

Still, she agrees that constant Photoshopping in the fashion industry isn’t doing today’s young people any favors.  “I hope that young people understand that what they see in magazines should not be setting a beauty standard for them to try to achieve,” Moss told Distractify. “Even without retouching, models make up such a tiny percentage of the world population it’s crazy to compare yourself to them. Then they have makeup, stylists, the best photographers, and people like me spending days to make the beautiful look even more beautiful. How could anyone ever expect to obtain that?”

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