911 Call From The Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Incident Released

911 Call From The Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Incident Released

Authorities have released the 911 call where a panicked Michelle Gregg pleaded with an emergency dispatcher to send help and rescue her son after he slipped into the Cincinnati Zoo enclosure of a 400-lb silverback gorilla named Harembe.

“Hi. My son fell in the zoo at the gorillas,” said Gregg. “The Cincinnati Zoo, my son fell in with the gorilla. There’s a male gorilla standing over him. I need someone to contact the zoo please.”

It sounds like Gregg holds it together reasonably well, until the dispatcher tells her to calm down. Of course, it’s kind of hard to keep your blood pressure down when your 3-year-old toddler is minutes away from getting torn apart by a gorilla.

“He’s dragging my son,” said Gregg. “I can’t watch this.”

Although Harembe briefly dragged the boy out of sight, zoo officials were able to rescue the child by fatally shooting Harembe. The gorilla’s death sparked internet outrage, prompting the online mob to harass another woman by the name of Michelle Gregg.

Cops are currently looking into the incident to see if any blame can be placed on the boy’s parents. That being said, anyone who has never had a small child slip away from them in the blink of an eye can cast the first stone.

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