Soon after the very first car hit the road, a police car followed, waiting patiently for it to f*ck up. Since that first paddy wagon, the cop car has grown into a high-performance, car-chasing, perp-busting machine, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a devastatingly loud siren called the rumbler. Here’s a look at the cruiser through the years.

Hopefully you’ll never have to see it from the inside.


1899 Collins Buggy Co. Electric Police Patrol Wagon

1908 Unidentified

1916 Ford Model T


1927 Packard 2-43

1937 Ford

1940 Studebaker Champion DeLuxe

1957 Chevrolet

1960 Chevrolet

1962 Ford Police Interceptor

1965 Chevy Impala

American Motors ’66

1973 Plymouth Fury

1975 Ford LTD

1988 Ford Mustang SSP

1988 Plymouth Gran Fury

1990 Ford Crown Victoria

 2015 Dodge Charger