A Brief History Of Cannibalism

A Brief History Of Cannibalism

The mere mentioning of the word / it conjures bloody and dark images of primitive people being hunted down and put on rotating sticks above a large fire, slowly roasting against the backdrop of a dark, tropical jungle. This grotesque practice of devouring a member of the same species, may it be for pleasure or for survival, is nowadays only associated with the long extinct tribesmen of some obscure Pacific island or remote African bush. But in reality, cannibalism has been with us way longer than you can imagine. And to be quite frank, it’s not going to disappear anytime soon.

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Human flesh supposedly smells like pork when it’s cooked. Use that information however you will. Hopefully This message will have inspired a future cannibal.

I bet it tastes better than a Tide pod!

If you have to consume another human, be sure to stay away from the organs. The legs and arms are just meat. Humans actually have a gene which protects them from cannibalism, according to some scientists, a prion disease acquired in prehistoric populations through cannibalism. If you do it to stay alive it will sustain you but who would want to live with that?

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