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A Peruvian elongated skull with metal surgically implanted after returning from battle, estimated to be from about 2000 years ago. The broken bone surrounding the repair is tightly fused together indicating it was a successful surgery



Wear bars on a tire that you know when to replace the tire


A man’s dying wish was to be buried on his Harley Davidson in a glass casket so that his rider friends could see his final ride


A residential neighbour hood of Bertioga, Brazil being engulfed by the rainforest


51 year old Heather Graham


Jaleel White wears Steve Urkle outfit for first time in nearly 20 years to promote Purple Urkle weed


New design for budget air travel


Breast reduction surgery recipient 32H->32B


Captain America in 1944


Washed up whale spine


Sign in front of a razor blade manufacturer


50-foot tall statue of a Native American woman in South Dakota titled “Dignity.”


A building in Hong Kong


Bedouin tents in the Sahara


This is the violin that the lead member of the band on the Titanic played until the end

It’s believed that the Stradivarius violin survived inside its leather case, which was strapped to Wallace Hartley’s dead body, which very luckily floated upright in his cork and linen lifejacket for ten days.

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