The end of marijuana prohibition in America is within sight, and that means the anti-marijuana propaganda is about to reach levels never seen before as we enter an election year. There are A TON of industries who stand to lose money if marijuana is legalized nationwide (Big Pharma, Privatized Prisons, Etc), and just like they did during the last election season this time around the lobbyists for those industries will be throwing big money at ads designed to scare people into thinking marijuana is dangerous.

Well, you are too smart to be fooled by some shitty TV spot saying ‘marijuana kills’. You know that some of the most successful CEOs in America (current and former) have admitted to smoking weed. You know that not all stoners are lazy. And that’s why I’ve culled this list from Fortune Magazine with the names of CEOs in America who have all admitted to smoking weed.

Memorize this list, and the next time someone busts out ‘stoners are lazy!’ or ‘what have stoners ever done?’ You can simply recite this list of names:

Hugh Hefner: Founder and CEO of Playboy

Sir Richard Branson: CEO of Virgin Group

Michael Bloomberg: CEO of Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City

Oprah Winfrey Chairwoman, CCO and CEO of Harpo Productions and the Oprah Winfrey Network

Mark Johnson: Co-founder and CEO of Descartes Labs, former CEO of Zite

Peter Lewis: Former CEO and Chairman of Progressive Insurance Company

John Sperling: Former CEO of the University of Phoenix

George Zimmer: Founder and former CEO of Men’s Wearhouse

Honorable mentions: Bill Clinton, Jeb Bush, Sean Parker, and Dustin Moskovitz

If you search the internet you will find tons of lists and supporters for the miracle plant.  
Many celebrities have plenty of reasons why they light up, and they don’t exactly keep their love of weed a secret. And while these folks aren’t exactly shy about their love of getting high, you might be surprised to find out which stars consider themselves current (or former) stoners. You can read even more about stars that love pot, and who you could call upon if you were looking for a smoking buddy.

A List Of CEOs Who Have Smoked Weed: Memorize These For The Next Time Someone Calls Stoners Lazy

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