A lot has changed at the movie theater since I was a kid. Almost every multiplex offers reserved seating, and many have full food menus and even wait service. Stadium seating comes standard and there’s almost no actual film left in the film world. But here’s one constant: I still show up at least 15 minutes early to every show, because I like to watch the trailers. They help you keep track of what movies are coming out, they are an artform unto themselves, and sometimes if you’re lucky they have sad covers of famous pop songs! Those always bring a tear to my eye.

And now we turn to selecting the best trailers of 2018. As in our best posters of the year list, the key is not when the movie comes out but when the trailer comes out. Black Panther had several incredible trailers, but they were released in 2017 — in fact, one topped this list at this time last year. Wakanda is forever, but it’s still disqualified, sorry.

With that important note, here are the 15 best trailers of 2018…

15. Venom

It was a risk ending the trailer for Venom with an extended Venomologue about how he is going to eat a burglar’s various body parts until all that’s left looks like “a turd … in the wind.” That’s why we loved it. The finished film could have used more moments of gonzo insanity like this.

14. Under the Silver Lake

Under the Silver Lake has yet to reach theaters (originally slated for a late 2018 release, it’s now due next April) but the reason I’m still eagerly awaiting it is this excellent trailer, which starts with one tone and then transitions very smoothly to another, showing you (I assume) the full, quirky range of stuff going on in this laconic detective thriller.

13. Halloween

After so many middling-to-awful sequels, any new Halloween has to establish its bonafides and seriousness, and this trailer does that with aplomb. Starting with extended excerpts from the centerpiece sequence of the film where Michael Myers wanders a Haddonfield neighborhood indiscriminately murdering innocent victims — done in a single long take like the opening of the original John Carpenter Halloween — tells the viewer this is going to be a striped-down and extremely faithful follow-up.

12. The Beach Bum

I cannot conceive of a person who could watch this clip and not want to see this film.

11. Climax