A Security Guard Is Fired For Helping Police Catch A Wanted Man

A Security Guard Is Fired For Helping Police Catch A Wanted Man


Sometimes things don’t always break fairly for the good guys. A California man, and security guard for a Best Buy in Roseville, pursued a man who punched a police officer on his way out of the store. The 40-year-old guard, Tyler, is also an Army Veteran and when he spotted the suspect being chased down by a police officer he took action himself to bring the assailant to justice. Tyler told the local news, “He started running past me and I thought I was doing the right thing by stopping him.” Sadly this is where the happy news dries up. But first, let’s break down the security guard’s actions after he spotted the cop in hot pursuit of the suspect.

Tyler is the man that appears from the left who ran after the suspect…


After closing the gap in distance, Tyler tackled the man to the ground…

From here, Tyler walked away once the pursuing police officer caught up and made the arrest.

The suspect, according to police, was 35-year old Timothy Trujillo who was wanted on a felony warrant in Nevada and the officer confronted the suspect inside the Best Buy after getting tipped off that he was nearby. After being approached, Trujillo struck the detective and fled in an attempt to escape before being brought down by Tyler and later handcuffed, the sheriff’s office said in a statement. Police then searched Trujillo’s car turning up drugs, stolen property, and burglary tools. He was charged with assaulting and resisting a police officer, along with possession of the drugs and tools. But let’s get back to the main story at hand here, the security guard and how the store dealt with his heroics…

This is where things went awry for Tyler. According to Best Buy company policy, it forbids workers from chasing suspects out of the store. “I understood that when I went back in there I was going to get into some type of trouble because Best Buy policy says we aren’t supposed to touch anybody,” Tyler said. Despite going vigilante, Tyler admits he was still surprised to be fired from the company a week after the incident. “My manager called me in and said corporate decided to let me go because I used excessive force and it was against Best Buy’s policy to intervene,” he explained.

A Best Buy official told the local news, “Our policy is clear, employees are not to chase potential criminals outside of the store. Chasing an individual in the parking lot creates a safety risk that isn’t worth taking, regardless of how noble an employee’s intention is.” To date, the store has not reconsidered Tyler’s termination, but the former security guard plans to attend college in April, and has no regrets about his choice to chase down the suspect. “Seemed like it was the right thing, like I said it was someone running from the cops, seemed like the logical thing to do.”

The police thanked Tyler for his help in capturing Trujillo, and said they were “grateful he intervened.” But Lieutenant Andrew Scott also warned the public not to get involved in police business for their own safety. Meanwhile, Best Buy can legally hide behind their policy.

Update: Best Buy issued a statement Monday saying they would be offering Tyler his job back:

“We made a decision to terminate our employee for violating our clear policies but have had reason to take another look at what happened. In the end, we understand he made a split-second decision to do what he thought was right and, while we wish he hadn’t put himself or anyone else at risk, we regret our initial decision and will be offering him his job back.”

Tyler said he had not yet heard from Best Buy.


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