About Chaostrophic

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A member driven social site posting the latest and greatest chaos from around the world.

Everything funny and otherwise unique.  A friendly and entertaining site where people can come to read and discuss all the latest happenings.

We promise to be more diligent than the post office and definitely more pervy than Pedobear in providing you the material you need in order to procrastinate and ignore all the things you should be doing instead of perusing our site.

The Creators and Editors:


I am the Mistress of Mayhem and everything weird, funny or special.  I like dogs, cookies, penguins, and eating Cheetos in the nude (It ain’t easy, being cheesy, while you’re sleazy).  I try to find the humor in all things, ’cause life is too short not to.

Email me at: Catastrophic@Chaostrophic.com


I am a retired Chef and Restaurateur, a tinkerer, a gamer, computer nerd and aspiring writer.   I love TKD, the internet, drinking and building fires, especially to cook over.  I am totally devoted to my loving wife, whom when I met, changed my life.

Email me at: ElectricEye@Chaostrophic.com


I am a current student majoring in life, wanna be mad scientist and prolific procrastinator.  I like eating vegan, drinking cold water, reading and sleeping.  Simple life is good.


Contributing Editor and avid internet geek adding content when I can.  A picture says a thousand words is a great saying.  “People are unimaginably stupid” is another great saying, and you can quote me on that.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]