Absolute Lunatic Builds Massive AT-AT Hideout In His Garden

Absolute Lunatic Builds Massive AT-AT Hideout In His Garden


Star Wars fans, assemble! If you’re bored of your morning commute, sitting in traffic for what feels like light years, you can now build your own Imperial walker.

This YouTuber has just proved it: He built an All Terrain Armored Transport, otherwise known as the mighty AT-AT, to help his kids conquer the rocky grounds of his own back garden.

British internet TV inventor and wannabee Galactic Empire warmonger, Colin Furze scaled up a model AT-AT and transformed it into a den for his kids because he’s probably the best dad ever.

Inside the AT-AT, which originally appeared in The Empire Strikes Back and was inspired by H.G. Well’s War Of The Worlds, the shell has been transformed into a Star Wars shrine.

The AT-AT is even partially functional, with a control room that drives the heavy artillery guns.

Throughout the building project, Furze took Gold Five’s advice and stayed on target; with a little blood, sweat, tears and the patience of a young padawan, the YouTuber completed this mammoth task in just a month.

All that’s left to do now is teach the kids how to pilot the Imperial giant walker; this thing handles like a drunken bantha.

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