According To Reports, The UFC Could Be Sold For A SHIT TON Of Money Before The End Of The Weekend

960x0[1]Despite UFC president Dana White shooting down rumors that the company was up for sale just last month to Dan Patrick, a new report suggests otherwise—and you won’t believe what the bidding price is allegedly at.

Per Forbes:

On the heels of Ariel Helwani claiming that the sale of the UFC was “progressing” on Tuesday, his MMA Fighting colleague Dave Meltzer has reported that “the bidding period (for the UFC) is expected to end on or around June 16 … in the $4 billion price range for 100 percent ownership.”

You read that right, FOUR BILLION DOLLARS!

The fact that the sale would be for 100 percent ownership might throw a few fans off considering the brand has been shaped by White and the Fertitta brothers since the beginning, but for a cash-out like they’d be getting, who wouldn’t take that deal?

Plus, who knows if White would be stripped of his duties—although he has discussed the topic with NBC Sports in the past, per Forbes:

“The day we decide to sell, I probably don’t want to do this anymore,” White told NBC Sports’ Dan Patrick. “Me and Fertitta brothers have been together a long time … we’d probably all be looking to get out.”

Whether this deal goes through by the end of the weekend or if it’s just a matter of time, UFC has proven it’s worth after bringing in the most revenue it ever has in 2015. Have to strike when the iron is hot!

[H/T Forbes]

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