According to this bonkers Paul McCartney profile ‘The Beatles’ used to come together… Literally

Everyone love The Beatles. Your mom and dad love The Beatles.

You probably at least like The Beatles. And, apparently, even The Beatles loved The Beatles.

Sometimes literally. All together.

Kind of makes you think about “Octopus’ Garden” in a whole different light now, doesn’t it now???




Sir Paul McCartney, the only Beatle to be both alive and a knight, gave a bonkers interview for GQ‘s cover story,

in which he revealed way more than we ever thought we’d know about the sex lives of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Maybe more than we wanted to know. But now that it’s out there, we have to talk about it.

They came together. And we must come together in knowing about it, yeah

People on Twitter are basically losing their minds over the incredibly salacious article which, as this person pointed out, goes way above and beyond what was expected:


 There are lots of nuggets of gold sprinkled throughout the article, which is well worth a read in its entirety. There is an appearance by Kanye, of course:


And a wonderfully shade-filled appearance by Quincy Jones:

But most people online, being a bunch of pervs (same tbh), have zeroed in on this NSFW story about the Beatles all jerking off together:

COME AGAIN?!?! (That’s what they said!)


Not that I’m surprised it happened. I just never thought I’d live to hear someone who goes by the title “Sir” describe it in detail.
And as this person pointed out, many Beatles songs will now be forever changed—for the better, of course. Like these:

Also: Norwegian Wood, Don’t Let Me Down, I Want to Hold Your Hand and, of course, With a Little Help From My Friends.

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