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Accused Toe Sucker Appears In Court, Judge Tells Him “Stop Playing Games”

Accused Toe Sucker Appears In Court, Judge Tells Him “Stop Playing Games”


The man accused of sucking a woman’s toe at the Franklin Park Mall appeared in court on Friday.

Joseph Jones was expected to bring an attorney but showed up without one.

Judge Kuhlman told Jones to “stop playing games” with him, and get an attorney if he plans to do so. If not, the judge told him a public defender will represent him, or he can represent himself.

“I will protect your right to a trial, but I will not allow you to play games and not continue properly with this case,” said Judge Kuhlman.

A public defender advised him not to do an interview, but Jones told them “he is intelligent.”

“I have the right to do this, so allow me to do this, because this is my right and people have been speaking on my behalf and lying on me this whole time not knowing a thing about me, so I am going to speak for myself,” said Jones. “I’m more intelligent than those two individuals who were speaking to me. I’m highly intelligent, I’m highly cultivated.”

Jones says a lot of people don’t understand him and are discriminating against him based on his race and his business.

“I teach men how to meet women. I have hundreds of YouTube videos online; I’ve had a website. Well, I’ve had several websites, but I am revamping them because of all of the things that are going on,” said Jones. “I make over a 100 thousand a year, actually a lot more than that. There’s a lot of things that I do that most men of African descent don’t do.”

He is set to appear in court on Monday morning and says he has an attorney he plans to speak to.

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