Acid Attacker Taunts Victim From Prison Cell In Chilling Facebook Posts

Acid Attacker taunts victim from prison cell in chilling Facebook postssouthampton-524450[1]TIMSTEWARTTAUNTS: Carla’s attacker sneers with pals in prison
Cops said they are probing how Billy Midmorn was able to post the taunts on social media while in prison. The vile pictures – posted on social media yesterday last week – show Midmorn laughing and holding a picture of a woman lying on the ground with her face in her hands.  He is due to be sentenced today for hurling “face melter” acid in Miss Whitlock’s face, leaving her permanently scarred and blind in one eye.
SOLENTVILE: Billy Midmore chucked acid in Carla’s face after a drug deal went wrong

“He has been stripped of his privileges, placed in the segregation unit and faces a police investigation, with the potential of additional time in prison”

Ministry of Defence


They sick siblings threw “One Shot” drain cleaner containing highly-concentrated sulphuric acid at her on September 18, 2015, after a botched drug deal left them £2,000 out-of-pocket.

The cleaning substance has the highest concentration of sulphuric acid, 89 to 93%, Southampton Crown Court heard.

portsmouth-acid-559224[1]SOLENT HORROR: Carla was walking with her boyfriend when the acid was chucked in her face
Before the attack Geoffrey sent a picture of the bottle on WhatsApp to an acquaintance with the words: “This is one face melter.”Less than an hour after the attack, the brothers were seen on train CCTV laughing and “jubilantly” giving high fives and fist bumps, a jury heard.  Midmore, 23, now faces extra jail time over the string of pictures of him inside prison posted on his Facebook profile under the name “Billal Kidd Mujahideen (kidder)”.
carl-whitlock-559229[1]TIMSTEWARTNEWSASSAULT: Carla was walking past Turtle Bay in Portsmouth when they pounced
One shot includes him smiling smugly holding up a smartphone that showed a woman lying on the ground clutching her face.In earlier pictures uploaded while Midmore was awaiting trial, he brazenly posed for group photos with fellow inmates on a prison landing.In another, Midmore, who has grown a beard while behind bars, appeared to be inside his cell.
Prisoners are not allowed access to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter while in custody.A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said that Midmore was facing another police probe into his social media taunts.The spokesperson said: “This behaviour is completely unacceptable and our thoughts are with the victim of this terrible crime.
southampton-midmore-559234[1]TIMSTEWARTBEARDED: One Facebook snap shows Midmore in what looks like a prison cell
“We have carried out a search of this offender’s cell and the social media account has now been removed. He has been stripped of his privileges, placed in the segregation unit and faces a police investigation, with the potential of additional time in prison.”We already have measures in place to detect mobiles in our prisons but we are looking at new ways of finding and blocking mobiles, as well as equipping prison officers with the right tools to tackle them.”

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There are signal blocking products the prisons can use, there is no excuse.

Oh I agree with that tactic….but those signal jammers ect…are some serious bucks. Maybe the people working the institution should take a little more care while preforming their jobs>? Just a thought. If something gets past the guards…it’s on them…sneaky ass criminals are going to go for it.

Acid like that shouldn’t be this easy to get. Now other…fun types of acid are a different deal. either way this guy needs to drop dead real quick

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