Adult Stars Unite Against Disgusting Comments

Adult Stars Unite Against Disgusting Comments

It is no secret that comment trolls make their way around the web. They jump from YouTube and when they get bored, head over to adult sites for a little bit of personal time.

After they are regretting what they just did, they decide to get into the comment section and spew out some more nonsense.

These girls decided enough is enough, the anonymous trolling taking place in the comments needs to stop! It is time to stand up together and fight the good fight.

The comments on the video of people talking about mean comments are just as good as the video!

Pornhub has some of the funniest comments I’ve ever read, I almost always end up laughing which is incredibly conflicting.

“yo what up it’s ya boy dj too much skin on the pnis” how do you even f*cking come up with that, it’s perfect.

Check out the video below:




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